Sunday, September 4, 2011

The roof is done and the weather is way to Hot


Wow what happened to Thursday.  Its Friday night and I am catching up.
Towels got washed then I went into Elizabeths and we went to Home Depot to get shelves for the apartment.  Then back and she made lunch.  Then I put up a couple shelves in Alexus room so she can hang some clothes.
Then home, changed clothes and I spent a few hours cutting grass.  Bonnie shopped after work and I just was getting out of the shower when she got home.  I was just in time to help carry in groceries.  Finally it was time to relax, after I lit the grill.  Bonnie did do the grilling.

It never did rain today and it was not that hot, I could have put the second coat on the roof of the MH.


Up when Bonnie left for work I heard her go out the driveway.  I sorted the dirty clothes and started the wash.  Read some blogs and watched some podcasts while I wait for the wash to finish.  Also did some research on tow bars and base plates.  I exchanged a couple emails with the Honda dealer as they are trying to sell us paint protection, pre-paid maintenance, and service contracts.  I even found a Honda dealer that sells the service contracts at cost and all Honda dealers will honor them.
Elizabeth and Alexus came out around noon and I got ready to put the second coat on the MH.
Loading up the Ranger
Boy it was hot and humid out but no rain in the forecast so lets Get-er-Done!
Seams are done now time for the Mop and Glow
 Why Mop and Glow.  As the fiberglass of the front and rear caps ages it gets chalky and when it rains or water runs off the roof it leaves white streaks down the side of the coach.  Hopefully this stops it.  The main part of the roof is painted aluminum.

Hard work but someone has to do it

Finishing up the edges.
 While I was working on the MH Alexus was putting the primer on her dresser.  She painted for a long time today.

Working on the drawers

Lots of drawers
Well thats about it for today.  It has been a hot and humid day and is still pretty hot out and even more humid, but this may be the last hot day this year.


Alexus spent the night and her and Bonnie slept in until 10 this morning.  I was about to leave for court when they got up.  They were going in to paint the bathroom at the new apartment and Elizabeth was coming here to clean.  I came home around 1 or 2 and then we loaded Elizabeths washer and dryer on to the trailer along with the freshly primed dresser and took them to the apartment.  I think I am supposed to hood them up tomorrow.

I did take a look at the MH wiring today.  The trailer wiring hook up is missing on ours.

The should be a place to plug in the towed vehicles lights
I crawled around underneath and found what I believe to be the connector that the wiring once hooked to.  The previous owner must have removed it.

This is what I spotted

I will have to put a meter on these and see if there is power.  It needs cleaned up and taped up also.  I can not believe it has not shorted out on the frame.
Now to try to find a matching connector that I can make a pigtail with.  If not I will have to cut this off and splice and solder wires on to it to extend it.  If anyone knows a place to find a connector that might work let me know.


We were up and off to church on time this morning.  The heavy rain woke me about 6am but it did not last long.  Then home and a quick lunch.  Bonnie has me lined up to install the washer and dryer in at Elizabeths today and then about an hour drive down to Franklinville to look at a desk for her.  It is to rain more today but is dry right now.

Home from church and Bonnie made lunch, then off to Elizabeths.
This is what awaited, a spot for the washer and dryer.

At least they left the hoses and gas line.
 So we put up the shelf and moved in the dryer.  Hooked up the gas line and the vent line.  No soap bubbles on the connections and so we tested it and it seemed to work fine.  Then Elizabeth put the hoses on and tightened them, no leaks so we leveled it and ran a test cycle.  All seems to be fine.
Then tried to put the other shelves up but the screws need to be a little longer.  So we hung a holder for the ironing board and also hint a mirror.  How does Bonnie's paint job look, pretty good I think.

In, hooked up and working.
Then we headed to Franklinville about 45 mies away to look at the desk.  Bonnie liked it so I had them take it apart and we were able to fit it in the truck so it did not get wet as it started to rain.  We made it home and it was not raining so we unloaded it on to the deck and Bonnie will clean it tomorrow and then we can reassemble it.
Parts for the desk

More parts
Meanwhile back at Elizabeths Alexus continues to paint the dresser.

Pretty shade of blue
Well thats about it for tonight, corn and turkey burgers for supper.
Thanks for checking in.