Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Labor Day


We had some rain over night but it was not raining this morning.  We watched a little TV this morning and Bonnie made her short cake to take with peaches to the Maynard Family Reunion.  We always have it on Labor Day over on the Family Farm in an area we call the campground.  Bonnie's brother owns that part of the farm now.  We had a few showers and it was cool but we had a great turn out and a good time seeing everyone.  Here are a few pictures.

Mom and Dad arrive via Gator

Bonnie's oldest brother Alan and Mom

Brian the youngest brother and now owner of this part of the farm, that makes him the host

Part of the more than 50 that showed up, and we still had food left over

Dad (Otis) in the red and his brother Bob

Dean, Alan, and Brian all three of Bonnie's brothers
 After a great afternoon we headed up to Carol's for a hair cut.  We also got a tour of her new heating plant and almost complete new duct work.

The new Lennox furnace
Got home a little after 6 and after Bonnie cleaned up her new roll top desk I put it together and it is all set up in its new home.

Bonnie's desk
Thats about it for a busy holiday, it was great to be around family today.


Tried to sleep in but was up at 8am.  Hoped to get on the road but did not leave the house till 10:30.  I did run vinegar through the coffee pot to de-scale it, it is much quieter now when it heats.  Then I took a ride out to Caledonia RV to check prices for towing components as we plan to tow the new CR-V behind the MH.  They seem nice out there and their prices are in line with everyone else.  I stopped at camping friends in Batavia to see if I could verify if the connector I found is the trailer plug and it looks like it is.  But then I got an email from Monaco parts and they showed a different connector.
And of course they want 70 bucks for it.  I called around about a couple used tow bars and plan to go look at the most promising one tomorrow.
I got my next months morning pills all put into dispensers so I am set there.

Then it was off to WW, bad week I gained a little of course I also have switched from shorts to a pair of jeans, yea that must be it.  It could have not been all the good food and desserts I had at the reunion yesterday.

Now Alexus and I are watching Cat in the Hat.  Was a little wet today but they have already issued flood warnings for tomorrow as we get lots of rain from the remains of the tropical storm.


A little wet this morning but no real amount of rain yet.  Its been a pretty lazy morning so far but I have a long day so am taking it easy since it is wet outside.
I am going up north about 50 miles to look at a tow bar, then Bob from our camping club thinks he has the connector I need and then I have several hours of training for court.  So once I leave I will not be home until around 9pm.

Well it has been a good day.  I was given the connector and wiring I need for the MH, thanks Bob, it will fit perfectly.  Then I was able to buy a used tow bar at a really good price, along with covers, safety cables,  electrical cables (2) and spare towing adapters (2 sets) for about 20% of what just a new tow bar costs.
Found a good deal
After I picked up all of that I went to a few hours of training on court security and finally got home a little after 9.  Now its time to post this and hit the hay, its almost tomorrow.

Thanks for checking in.