Wednesday, September 14, 2011

New Car and washed out driveway


First thing this morning I heard from our salesman that the new CR-V came in last night.  We have a 7pm appointment to pick it up.

I also noticed on the rain gauge that while we were gone yesterday we got 1.38in of rain, wow.  When I went down into Varysburg to get some fuel for the mower I noticed how much the front of the driveway washed out again. So I called the State DOT since it is the water that runs off the road.  Almost every year they bring some stone or millings for the front of the driveway.
Washout from the rain yesterday

From the water running off the highway
Once I got home I started the MH to check it out for the trip Friday and I had an alarm on the tire pressure monitor, but its only a low battery in a sensor so that should be an easy fix.

Took a ride in the woods to see how they did in the storm, another tree across the road.
At least its just the top
I jumped on the mower and cut all of the grass that needed it, soon will be time to start picking up leaves they are already falling.  I usually start that in the first week of October and that is coming quick.

Bonnie got home just about the time the cube steaks were done on the grill, so that worked out well.  She got the car cleaned out and I zeroed out the garage door opener and Navigation system, also remembered the EzPass.

Then after supper we headed in to the Honda dealer
Turned in the old
So long Subaru
Signed the paper work.
Notice Chris the salesman is smiling
and Picked up the new
Hello Honda
I did get a new hat
Thanks Chris notice it matches the car!
We made a quick stop at Elizabeths to show them the car and then home.  Another busy but Great Day and the Harvest Moon is now high in the sky.


Beautiful day.  I had an early meeting at court to work on a grant to redo the leaking brick walls in the court room.  We submitted the grant now to wait and see if we are awarded any money to pay for the repair that is being done now.

Very windy today and by the time I got home I only had a couple hours until Bonnie would be home and we head to WW.  So I got on the phone and worked on canceling our Subaru Extended Warranty, ended up doing it all by FAX so now to wait and see what happens,  expecting to get some money back but not a whole lot.

WW went well as I lost a little.  Then supper at Elizabeth's and I put up a broom holder and replaced the light in the stairway to the basement.  Then home and finally bed.


Its a beautiful cool sunny day, I am headed out to clean the MH windows and check things over getting ready for the trip to the Region 1 Rally in Byron, NY.  Then to the woods after lunch to clean up that tree across the road, I think I can just move it.  Clean a small log that is about to block a sluice pipe under our woods road, and maybe pull out a log or two.

No logs pulled out but a lot was done.  I cleared lots of branches and broken limbs off the roads.  Cleaned out the creek above the sluice pipe and made mental note of trees that need cut.  I also was able to push a broke off maple tree that has been hung up for a couple years.

Before I went to the woods I cleaned the front windshield on the MH its ready to go now.
Nice and shiny windows now
While I was cleaning the windows the state showed up and spread millings out at the front of the driveway.
They did a nice job and came back after these pictures and raked it and packed it down.
I don't think I mentioned that Matt brought over a trailer and we have self serve vegetables out front now, later it will be pumpkins.

I also cut a little grass today and cleaned out the storage shed.  I also put out mouse poison as they will be moving in again with the cool weather starting.

Time flew by today it is already 3:30pm, again no nap today.  I want to call and thank the DOT for the millings out front and send a couple emails.

Bonnie went grocery shopping after work today so supper was a little late.  Then we caught up on recorded programs.  Thats about it for today, time to get this posted.

Thanks for checking in.