Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Busy at a Conference


Up at 7, Breakfast at 8, Seminars started at 845
Annual Meeting and Elections at 4:30
Dinner at 7:00pm back in the room at 8:30
Now its Bob Time, tomorrow is a longer day.


Another long day with lots of good information that I can use.
Up at 7 and off to breakfast and then training all day until after 5 again.  Now time to get ready for the installation dinner and another keynote speaker.  I am missing having dinner with my classmates tonight, think I would enjoy that a lot more.  But its the last night here.

Got good news online FEDEX says they delivered 3 packages of the parts I need to tow the CRV behind the MH this afternoon.  So hopefully I can get started on that soon.

Just past 9:30pm and I just got back from the dinner.  No one spoke for a long time but there were a number of speakers.  Now a little TV and then bed.  Heading home in the morning after breakfast.


Must have rain during the night its all wet outside, but the sky is clearing.  I had breakfast and then packed and checked out.

I drove home in the sunshine and had lots of packages waiting for me.

Brake system for the Toad (CR-V)

Brake, Base Plate, Lights, receiver, and floor mats

Lights and Locks
Well the sun did not last long, it was raining by the time I ate lunch.  So I read over instructions and made lists of what I need to pickup since it continued to rain all afternoon.  Hoping to start on the installation later this week.

Well the weather man says the rain has passed us, Bonnie is not home yet, she went grocery shopping so as we have nothing planned tonight I am going to post this.  Hope to have more pictures of the install on the Honda and MH.

Have a great night and Thanks for Checking in.