Sunday, September 18, 2011

Cool weather arrives just in time for the Region One Rally


In the low 40s this morning and about a quarter inch of rain.  Since it was wet I worked on the computer most of the morning.  Went out and got the mail and finally after almost 2 months the check from the warranty company for the repairs is here.  Now I can appeal the items they did not pay for.  Still waiting on the check for the Food, lodging, and rental car.

I left this afternoon to deposit the check in the bank, then drop off some dry cleaning.  Got to the cleaners and the sign on the door said back at 2:15 went to bank.  Well it was 3:05 maybe they meant 3:15.  Well at 3:50 I went back to the other end of town and dropped off my suits at one of the other cleaners.  Then I remembered I needed a battery for one of the sensors on the tire pressure monitoring system.  Went to radio Shack, wow $6.51.  Guess this winter I will order some on the internet for $.99 plus shipping.

Tonight we are off to the caucus to see if I get re-nominated for Town Justice for another 4 years.  Tomorrow morning I leave in the MH for the Region 1 Rally and Bonnie will come up after work.

Went to the caucus and was nominated to run again, so far unopposed.  Its down to 43 already so it will be another cool night.


Kind of dark when I got up this morning but soon the sun was out.  I put the last of the food and clothes in the tubs and loaded up the MH.  Unhooked the electric cord and started for the Rally site in Byron, NY.

First stop was at the Flying J, last time I got fuel was July 27th in Kentucky, I was due.  Just over 53 gallons.   Then I managed to punch in the wrong address in the GPS and ended up on Town Line Road instead of Townline Road.  Had to find a good place to turn the beast around.  I did get to see a lot of cabbage being harvested on my little side trip.  Got to Southwoods and one of the guys helped me move a table and back into the site.  Then I hooked up and leveled the MH.  Relaxed a bit and heated up some lunch.  Looked out as I was eating and there were the Hanson's stacking up some firewood.
Thanks for the wood

Soon the Pause's showed up for the day

Thats us on the left, nice sites on the rally circle
We left at 4:30 to go into Batavia for dinner at Southbeach.  Bonnie worked until 4:00pm so she met us there and got there at the same time we did.   I had a delicious Cubano Sandwich and Bonnie had a steak, both very good.

Then back to camp just in time for the brown bag auction.  You bid on the bag not knowing what is in it.  We ended up with three bags, all pretty nice stuff.

Lots of bags

Craig did a great job as auctioneer

Carolyn was happy with her win

Scott could not wait to see what Bob won

  Then it was time for the ice cream social and some more gabbing.
The prettiest ice cream server

John was happy with the hat he won

 Then back to the MH and Bonnie went to read and sleep and I sat out by the fire with a few hearty souls as it was cool (read that as cold).  Now in the warm coach, my new electric heater is doing a good job.  Thats it for today, WiFi is slow here so will post this on Sunday night.


In the low 60s in the MH this morning and 44 outside, but the furnace took care of that pretty well.  We did get up in time for breakfast.  Eggs, sausage, pancakes, juice and coffee, nice and hot and delicious.

The guys flipped a lot of pancakes, they sure were good
Then some free time I worked on the Fuel tank door that the screw fell out of, only took a few minutes.  Then Bonnie and I took a drive into and tour of the Byron area that did not take long either.  Back to the MH, Bonnie took a nap and I chatted with some of the guys.  Too full for lunch.

We had signed up for bean bag baseball.  There were four teams and we had a great time.
The ball field

Joni gets a hit

Bob looks serious

Bonnie hits a home run!

The fans were held spell bound
We won both our games and our team was the winner!

By then it was 3 in the afternoon and time for social hour.  That passed quickly and before we knew it dinner was ready and we had Clores BBQ Chicken.  We had just under 50 units show up Motor Homes, Fifth Wheels, and Travel Trailers.

After a good dinner Bill G the magician performed and he was very good and funny, we all had a great time.

Bill Gormont
He had the Art and Donna reading each others minds
After the show it was time to retire the flags and officially close the rally.
Add caption

Then they gave away a lot of door prizes and our normal luck held and we did not win a one.

Lots of door prizes
Its pretty cool out and Bonnie is watching a little TV and I am headed out to the fire.  Came in just after 11:00 and fell asleep fast.


Slept in a little this morning.  I got dressed and walked over to get some coffee.  I picked up an apple fritter for me and a bagel for Bonnie.  She slept in until around 8:30 and then we went outside to say good bye to those that were already leaving.  At 10:00 we attended the Sunday Service that the campground puts on and that was nice.  We packed up then and headed home.  I almost left with the electric hooked up but Craig caught me.  I went to dump the tanks and Bonnie headed for BJ's to pick up some groceries.  I was home by just after noon and Bonnie shortly after that.  The MH is unloaded for this trip and waiting to see if the water goes down at Hammond Lake so we can head down there in October.

Time now to watch the Bills game and see if it dries out so NASCAR can run in the Chicago area.

Its been a busy week but a great week and we enjoyed meeting lots of new folks from New England and Canada, safe travels all.

Thanks for checking in!