Sunday, September 25, 2011

Just another Thursday, Caught a Virus Friday


Storms rolled through here last night and woke me a time or two.  I was in bed early last night and up about the time Bonnie left for work.  I did a few domestic duties around the house and caught up on a couple podcasts and blogs.

I did a little research and then called EZ-Pass.  It seems that you can get your account coded so that the RV pays the same rate as a car.  So I wrote a letter and faxed that and a copy of the RV registration so we will see what happens.  I cleaned up the garage a little and read the electric meter, then emailed that to NYSEG.

Bonnie got home after shopping and started on supper.  She had picked up a couple gallons of distilled water for me, so I topped off the water in the MH batteries and mixed up some engine coolant 50/50 and added a gallon to the reservoir on the MH.  It was a little low and yesterday I lost what was in the filter when I changed it.  So thats a couple more things checked off the list.

We watched a little TV and then Bonnie headed for bed.  Now its that time for me too.


Started out today as normal day.  Then when I tried to back up Quicken my computer started to act up.  To make a long story short, I caught a nasty virus on the windows computer.  I run MicroSoft Security Essentials but somehow it got through.  It appeared that I had a bad driver or corrupted file.  After hours of research and rebooting the computer I found the info I needed.  Downloaded a program and it found and removed the virus.  So it appears I am back to normal.  I do not use that computer for much but I do run quicken on it and some map programs, so it is important.

I read last night that you can now download ebooks from libraries to the Kindle.  So I gave it a try.  I had forgot my PIN for my library card so I had to call and get it reset.  But then it was easy, I got a book and I also downloaded Animal Farm as an audible book and started listening to it today in the car.  If you have a Kindle check it out.

I worked at court for about 4 hours today and then picked up Alexus and she went with me as I got a Flu shot at the local CVS Pharmacy, it was quick and easy and my insurance paid for the whole thing.  I took her back home and stayed with her until the contractors left.  They are redoing the bathroom, it needs lots of work.

Then home for supper.  Bonnie went in to give Alexus a ride to church as Elizabeth had taken medication and shouldn't drive.  I lost most of the evening working on the computer virus.  So now I am ready for bed also.


Pretty overcast this morning but no rain, thats good.  Took my time with breakfast and reading email.  Then headed out to court.  Bonnie was busy when I left.

Stopped to take a picture of the the air fitting on the back of the air can on the MH brakes, this is where the Air Force One brake system for towing will tie into the brake system.
Air cans for the brakes
Spent a couple hours at court and then came home to help Bonnie put up some shelves.

Freshly hung
And a hanger for the broom and mop.

In the stairway
We watched a couple shows on the DVR, then I went out to wash the car.  Bonnie watched a show I had seen and did some more cleaning.  Then some more TV time.

Thats about is for Saturday.


Up early and got ready for church.  Good to see everyone even though we only missed one week.

After church I packed and headed for the State Magistrates Conference up here in Niagara Falls.  Its a good conference and I am looking forward to it.  I will be busy from about 8 in the morning until 8 at night.  We have lots of training, our annual meeting and elections, and then each evening a semi formal dinner with a keynote speaker.  So there will not be much to write about but I will try to make a post on Wednesday.

Thanks for checking in.