Sunday, September 11, 2011

Lots of Projects and a birthday


Overcast again today but no rain.  Took my time this morning as I had a long day yesterday and today is more of the same.

I did you out and took a good look at the tow bar I bought yesterday.  After reading the book I did the little bit of preventative maintenance that the book called for, mainly greasing it.

I checked out the wiring harness Bob R game me yesterday and it is exactly what I need to hook into the MH wiring, thanks again Bob.

Perfect wiring harness
I also sorted out the screws and hardware I have been collecting for in the MH.  In checking the storage bays it looks like the mice are getting in again.  So I set a trap maybe I will catch it soon.

Then back in to do a little more research on towing.  Heated up a little dinner as Bonnie was not home yet. She got home from shopping just as I was leaving for the Magistrates meeting.  Now its just after midnight and time to get some sleep.

P.S. I just checked my account at the warranty company they have finally issued the check for my breakdown in July.  Not bad only about 2 months.


Up early and started the laundry.  I had my normal leisurely oatmeal breakfast.  Then headed for Warsaw to Montgomery's Building Supply for some wood and screws.
Back home I started a new project.
Here is how it started
A relatively simple project I got started making the cuts and started to screw it together.  Then I still had some time so I decided to paint on the primer coat.  And here is it ready for the final coat.

The top is siding on screws so I could paint it.
It is a bed platform for Alexus.  Because of the the sloped roof in her bedroom she can not use a head board.  So tomorrow is her birthday and it will be a surprise.  Bonnie wants her to paint it what ever color she wants.  Thats about it for today, just waiting for the check to show up from the warranty company.


Happy Birthday Alexus, have a super day.  Wow Bonnie was up before me, I got up to see what the noise in the house was and she was in the kitchen.  No telling what today holds now.  I plan to head up to court soon and then we have to be in for the birthday celebration at 2:00pm.  First it was 5 then 3 now 2, so I better getting moving.

Happy Birthday

All decorated

The birthday girl and her new phone

John working on his special shrimp

Plate of some great tasting shrimp

She likes her present

She likes her Skillet shirt
We had a good time celebrating with family and friends.  Then I took Alexus to West Seneca for an evening with her youth group playing kickball and other games.

Then home and caught the end of the Nascar race.  Now time for some shut eye, tomorrow is another busy day.


After church today we had a quick lunch.

Then we headed for Bath about 70 miles to the south, for a Patriotic Concert with a 100 voice choir and Denver and the Mile High Orchestra.  It was a very moving tribute in remembrance of the 10 year anniversary attack on America and the world trade center.  We really enjoyed it and it was very well done. We did not get home until after 7 and so are eating a late dinner and watching a little TV.

Hey how about those Buffalo Bills  won one 41-7.

Have a great week and Thanks for Checking in.