Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fall has fallen and a new Tool arrives


Well almost another 1/2 inch of rain over night.  That puts us at over 5 inches this month.  I just saw the forecast and we are to get more tonight.  It rained off and on today and I did manage to get a wardrobe moved down to the garage.  Its next move is into Elizabeths for her to use.

Moving the wardrobe 
Ready for its ride to the garage
I would have put it in the truck but it would not lad down under the cover.  Then I headed out to get the mail, on the way out the driveway was clear.  Thirty seconds later this sapling had blown down.
Small sapling blew over
So I pulled it out of the ground and dragged it into the woods out of the way.  Before I headed in to warm up I set out the empty propane tank from the grill.  Hopefully they will fill it when they fill the big tank.

Hope its not too rusty
I cleaned up a little on the porch today and now need to go through all the paperwork and stuff that is in the containers.

I did catch the end of game two of the World Series tonight as Texas won.

Thats about it for today, its been a little boring around here lately and the MH is still in the shop.


It was raining pretty hard when I woke up this morning and so was pretty dark out.  But I got up and got started on things.  I had an email that FedEx was to deliver my new tool today and I needed to sign for it.  So I was housebound until that came.  I did a few loads of wash and some research on the internet to pass the time.  Then along about 2:30pm FedE pulled in and dropped off the new tool.

New "Tool"

It really is
Yep the iPhone 4s.  It is quite impressive.  I had done a backup on my Mac to get ready for it and checked a few things out online.  So when it got here I hooked up to iTunes on my Mac and in about 30 seconds it was ready to go.  I then called #228 at Verizon and the phone part of it was ready to go.

So I headed up to court and caught up on paper work and I did notice the phone did some down loading and updating but it never missed a beat.

Elizabeth and Alexus were here for dinner when I got home, and Bonnie was not feeling good.  Elizabeth had some medicine at her house to help her so I rode in there with her to get that.  We also brought back her computer for some upgrades.

After supper I put Lion on her Mac and set up iCloud so she is all set now and matches my systems.

Look what I missed out on yesterday by not being in Alabama.

Not only the pie

Someone got a nice big piece, looks delicious
But I missed the pie baker

She and her helper did a great job
I am sure this cutie helped also.

Miss them all
Maybe it was big brother who got the big piece of the pie.

Well it after 1am I better hit the hay.


Another early dark morning but no rain.  I was up shortly after 7 and had my oatmeal and coffee.  Downloaded a couple apps for the iPhone and headed over to Attica to help winterize a friends Motorhome.

Access door open and we are draining the Hot Water Heater
All went smoothly and it only took about 30 minutes and should be all set for the winter.
I checked in at court and no new work so I headed home.  Bonnie had a Rx that needed picked up in Warsaw so I headed there to get it.  She was full speed ahead washing up all her enamel ware so best I be gone.

Got home and did some more computer work.  Then we watched some TV together had supper and I typed a letter for her.

Now its after 11 and I am heading to bed.  The iPhone has worked flawlessly all day, the WiFi has been connected all day and is down to 11% on the battery, the Droid died in a few hours without the WiFi on.  I think I am going to like this.


Still dark again today when we got up 37 degrees, burr....

Breakfast and then off to church.  We had an envelope to drop off at some friends that missed church because their daughters were sick and we had a nice visit with them.

Turned out to be a decent day, Bonnie planted bulbs and moved some plants outside.  I watched the start of the race and rested for a while.  Then I went out and washed both cars, they really needed it.

Bonnie has not felt real good the past couple days and so she went to bed extra early tonight.

I am still researching the iPhone and what it will do and while doing that I found that I could sell my Droid 2 for $64 at Gazelle they are even sending me a box and postage paid labels.  Stay tuned to see how it turns out.

Droid 2 still like new

The case did a good job of protecting it.

I also signed up to try Amazon Prime since I order quite a bit from them.  Free 2 day shipping on most items and its a free 30 day trial.

I think I forgot to mention that I got the check for my motel, car, and food expenses from my July adventure in Knoxville last Tuesday.  Not bad just over 3 months, but at least I got it.

Well thats about it for this week, Thanks for checking in.