Sunday, October 2, 2011

Getting the Honda and Coach ready for towing


Up early today and got started with a nice hot shower.  Then did a load of towels while I ate breakfast.  I got out and turned on my windows laptop and let it do updates all day long, in fact it is still catching up 11 hours later.

Then it was off to court for a quick bit of work.  Four hours later I got home in time to have lunch at 3pm.

Then a quick change of clothes and I was off to Warsaw.  First stop NAPA auto.  I picked up some fittings and supplies I needed for doing the installs on the Honda and MH.  Then to Tractor Supply to pick up the oil I will need to change the oil in the MH.  The anti freeze for the water system was on sale also so I picked up a couple gallons of that.

Then I headed for Valley Chapel for an appreciation dinner for Volunteers that work in the Jail Chaplin Program at the County Jail.  Best meal this week and the fourth night out this week.

Finally home and it time for bed.


Slept in a little this morning then started the wash.  Then up to court after the first load.  Thought it would be a quick trip but ended up being there 5 hours.  Had to get the credit card reloaded and then worked on setting up a couple of my online accounts for court.  Finally got home after 3pm.

I realized I was missing some connectors for the MH and Toad, gave hitch source a call and they are overnighting them at their expense since they forgot to ship them.  So tomorrow we start on the car to get it ready to tow.  Now a little TV and then sleep.


I came into the house just before midnight so am headed to bed will write more tomorrow but the base plate is on the Honda and it is back together, now the lights and the brakes.


Finally into bed at 1:20am, did not sleep well, sore and stiff from being on the concrete all day.  Rained all night.  Time to head to church now.

Here are the pictures and comments about the baseplate install on the Honda.

Getting Started

Front Fascia removed styrofoam covered bumper

Wash Fluid Tank had to be removed, hardest part of the job


Had to move lies and do some cutting here

Cutting on the other side
Ready for a trial fit

It fits and the bumper went back on

Last clips going in place

You can hardly see the completed job
So it was a long day but lots of breaks and thinking and re reading directions.  I started about 11am by myself and took my time and lots of study breaks and then around 4:15 I got some help.  Then we ran to Attica for saw blades and took a break later for a bite to eat.  We took our time and finished up about 11:30pm.  I think the next time with two people we could do the job in 4 or 5 hours.  Making sure we cut in the right places on a new car was crucial.  Drilling the frame also took a lot longer than expected.  But its in and it is solid.  Now I still need to get the lights set up and the brake installed.  Finding the right place to mount the control box seems to be the decision on this part of the project.

The garage door remotes are not working right.  Some times not at all today.  I guess I will try to reprogram them.  Maybe all the power surges yesterday when we were drilling messed them up or all the batteries are going dead at the same time.  Also trying to watch the Bills game and NASCAR race, plus a nap would be nice.  Bonnie is gone to Getzville for a meeting about the January Missions trip.

Just had to go to the garage and the remote worked normally, maybe interference earlier, lets hope.  Bonnie is home and made great salads for supper.  Now a little TV and plan to watch Andy Rooney's last regular commentary.  Also studying some pictures I got from a member of a forum I belong to that has a Honda CR-V like us with the same set up so I can see how his units are mounted.

Have a good evening and thanks for checking in.