Sunday, October 16, 2011

Rainy Weather has set in and now the Wind


Well after all the rain yesterday it turned out dry today and a little sun.  I spent the morning in the house at the computer and then went outside after lunch.  The leaves were pretty dry so I picked up 5 loads or about 220 bushel.

Lots of leaves on the side hill

Here is the solution the Cyclone Rake and John Deere

You can see the difference it does a nice job
Came in and cleaned up now waiting for Bonnie as we have an appointment to see our financial advisor this evening.  NWS just issued a High Wind alert for the next couple days along with rain.  There will be lots more leaves soon.

Had a good meeting with Rick and then home for some Sloppy Joe's, and a little TV.  Time to turn in now


I had a great nights sleep and even slept in a little this morning.  No rain or wind yet.
The rain showed up and by this evening we had almost 6 tenths of an inch.  Now the wind is to start early morning.  It has rained pretty steady all day long and very heavy at times.

I spent most of the morning upgrading my Apple devices to IOS5 and setting up the iCloud.  Then it was off to court for most of the afternoon.  Now Alexus is here as Elizabeth is at her churches woman's retreat.

We had a nice supper and are catching up on TV.

Still raining as I head to bed just before midnight and the wind has picked up, I hear lots of wind chimes outside.


The rain and wind are here in full force.  Still pretty dark out at 9am.  I got up and had my coffee and oatmeal.  Then woke up Alexus about 9:30am to see if she wanted to go with me this morning.  She wondered out about 10.  She made a last minute decision to go with me.  I think the idea of food interested her.

We headed up for a quick stop at court and then headed to my SILs so I could get a haircut.  We called Hogans and ordered a couple of their delicious breakfast sandwiches.  Carol was watching her grandson so Alexus had a good time playing with him and they entertained each other for several hours.  I got my hair cut and then headed home with another quick stop at court.

Early evening now and still windy and rain, we have 1.26in in the gauge for the day.  Bonnie had to go into work for a bit and some shopping in Warsaw.

Almost time for bed now, waiting for the race to end.  Rain gauge is now at 1.61" for the day.


It was not raining when we got up but it was by the time church was over and it has rained all day.  We got home and started lunch when Elizabeth called and wanted us to come in and help her hook up the washer and dryer and put up shelves.  The bathroom is pretty much done and so she is putting it back together.

Washer and dryer go here

Washer and Dryer in, shelf up, ironing board hung up

Mirror is up and light installed
Well she did a load of wash and water ran out from under the toilet which is across the room from the toilet.  So she called the property manager.  Now the toilet does not drain, oh my.

We finally headed home, relaxing a little so will post this.

Thanks for checking in.