Sunday, October 30, 2011

Yes its snowed---Our House on Wheels is back in the driveway


Up this morning with no plans to go anywhere.  I was sitting here reading when I noticed that the rain had partially changed to snow.  It continued to snow most of the day and finally started to stick on the grass.

First snow of the season

Collected on the roof some
 I took some video with the I phone and posted it to Facebook, another first for me.
Took this just before dark kind of pretty
I continued to work on automating our bill payments today and did some research for my trip to Florida.  Also reserved a car.  My sister and I are headed down there next month for a vacation.  So I have been loading geocaches and tourist info into the computer and iPhone.

I also spent most of the morning writing and editing a letter to Freightliner in Knoxville making them aware of the fact that they installed my trailing arms and brake hose incorrectly and asking them to pay for correcting the problems.

So Bonnie got home and baked squash for supper and then we also had kind of a jello salad with fruit and cottage cheese.  Watched a little TV and hoping to get to bed early, but also wanting to watch the end of the World Series.

Well I did see the game end close to 1am with a walk off home run Game 7 tonight.


Sunny and cold this morning.  I slept in till 9 as I did not get to sleep until 2am, maybe there is caffeine in coffee ice cream?

Anyway today is wash day and work at court day.  Also I need to double check but I think I have all the bills on auto-pay now.  They still send you a bill so you know what they are taking so it should be good.  When I was stuck in Knoxville in July I worried I was missing some important bills, now that should not happen.

I headed for the shop to check on the MH.  It was up on the lift again and had been inside all night which is good since it was below freezing last night.  It probably would have been ok but better safe than sorry.  Brian went over all the repairs with me from front to back.  It all looks really good, neat, and safe.  They still needed to change one filter, test drive it and re-torque the u-bolts on the axle.

New Hose well away from the wheel

This is the worn hose looks worse in person

New exhaust pipes

Hopefully I will have it home tomorrow.  Then I will get it winterized and then off to storage.

Then up to court for a couple hours.  The new drywall is up.

The second coat of compound drying, notice it is sunny out.
Then finally back home and put up a new curtain rod in the kitchen before Bonnie got home.

We spend the evening catching up on reading and the shows on the DVR.  Watching the end of the world series and then off to bed.  I have more activities on the calendar tomorrow than I can possible do.

Well the Cardinals won and its not quite 11:30 so good night all.


Best laid plans do not always work out.

Wet weather today so I will not we cleaning up the leaves in the yard.

Motorhome is not quite ready so will not be picking it up.

Too late to go to church workday when I found out about the motorhome so did what I could online from home.

Went to court and found more to do there than I thought so was there for longer than I thought.

So while I got a lot of stuff done it was not what I expected to get done.

Waiting on Bonnie now to go to Lowe's in Batavia and see if we can find a deal on closet materials to redesign her closet.

So we went to Lowe's what a zoo.  35% off today plus my 10% veterans discount.  It is starting to look cleaned out but there is still a lot of stuff there.  We were able to find all the parts we needed except for the main tower.  There was one on display and it was not screwed to the wall.  Bonnie had to ask three different guys, the first two said they were not selling the displays,  but the third guy helped me get it down and put it on a cart.  We took it all up front just as the store was closing and they checked out right out.  So now I have a closet system to install.  Of course that means taking down the old wire shelves, patching the holes, and painting the walls.

Parts for Bonnie's closet

So back home and finally ate supper after 8 but it sure was good.  It was wet all day but no measurable rain.  Now its time to head off for bed.  The key word today was flexibility.


We were up while its was still dark getting ready for church.  Then off to church, another frosty morning.
After church we headed down to the Prospector for a late breakfast with some friends from Church.
They eat there often and the cook brought out cupcakes for the kids.

This one looked like a spider.
Then we left there and went over to their house to visit and see their beautiful new kitchen, very nice.  We had a great visit and left there shortly after 2pm.

Next stop was over to the Pastor's house for their annual open house.  We have sold the Parsonage and he now has his own house.  I got the grand tour and was impressed with all the work and changes they have made, its a beautiful home now and great for entertaining.  There must have been over 40 people and still room to move around.

Then we headed home pulling in just before 4pm.  Bonnie was listening to the messages as I walked in and Brian left a message saying the MotorHome was all done and we should give him a call.  So I quick gave him a call and he said I could pick it up or he would put it in the shop again tonight.  Since we are busy again this week and it is not to freeze tonight I said we would be right over to pick it up.  He said don't worry about the bill he will get it to me sometime.  So we jumped back in the car and headed over to the shop.  She started right up and we pulled into the yard before 4:30, with everything fixed and a new inspection sticker on the bumper.

Nice new inspection sticker
We were home in time to see the Bills win and Tony Steward win the NASCAR race.  Finished up the DVR recording and still time to relax a little before bed.

Its good to look out and see Our House on Wheels sitting in the driveway.  Hope to get it all winterized this week.

Home Sweet Home
Thanks for Checking In and have a great week.