Wednesday, October 12, 2011

What Now


My day began early on this holiday with a 12:45am phone call for court.  I was back home by 230am and got to sleep pretty fast.  Go up around 8:15 and started the wash and then made breakfast.  I caught up on blogs and made sure I had the part numbers I will need for the brakes and ABS sensor on the MH.

Then a former coworker came over and we went to the woods to get him some more firewood.

A beautiful day to be in the woods

These were all dead Hickory Trees

Used my Farmi winch to pull the logs out

Plenty more to pull out tomorrow
Here is what we pulled out in just a few hours.

Lots of logs to cut up.
Bonnie called and was stopping to get her hair cut on the way home from work.  That gave me time to get in the house and take a shower.  When she got home she served up a very delicious work roast from the crockpot and her coleslaw.  Then we caught up on a little tv.  I am trying to get to bed earlier tonight so will sign off for now.  It was a great day to be in the woods and I really enjoyed being out there.


Busy day its almost midnight and I almost forgot to update the blog.
Started early before 8 this morning.  Threw in a load of wash, cleaned up the kitchen and did the dishes from the pork roast.

Then made a couple phone calls and headed out.  First to the post office to pick up stamps for court, then up to court.  Got some paperwork done and then headed for the post office and bank in Strykersville for court mail and deposit at the bank.  Finally finished up at court around 2.

Got home changed clothes and headed for the woods.  John has been here most of the day cutting up what we dragged out yesterday.  I pulled out more logs for the next couple hours.  I ran into my neighbor Bob out in the woods and we chatted for a few minutes he was cutting wood also.  I finished up about 4:40 without getting all the wood out of the woods.  If it is not raining in the morning I will get some more out.

After a quick shower and a bite to eat I headed to Batavia for court training.  Finally got home around 9:15.  Caught up on the days email and a little TV and now it is bed time.


Very overcast most of the morning with just enough rain to keep me from picking up leaves.  So I finished up the wash (we emptied all the clothes out of the MH) and worked on paperwork and email.

Then I put all the filters and oil in the MH for the maintenance that needs to be done.  Then about 4 I headed over to Becker's.  They run a local school bus service and repair shop.  They are going to fix the brakes, change the oil and filters, and inspect it.  Then it will be ready to go into storage for the winter.

Here are a couple more pictures from last weekend taken by another member of the club (she gets up earlier than me)

This is Ives Run

Excursion train, hope to ride this next year

This was under water a couple weeks ago during the flood

Early morning fishing event

Well we are catching up on TV tonight and have some meetings tomorrow night.  So I guess I will get this published.

Thanks for checking in.