Thursday, October 6, 2011

Lights, Brakes, Action


I had a great nights sleep last night and felt really rested this morning.  The plan for today is to work in the  woods and wire the towing lights in to the car.

Well its very foggy and misting out so I cancelled working in the woods.  Friend is coming over around noon to help wire the car so am catching up on paperwork this morning.

This is what we are putting into the car today.

Pieces and parts looks simple
No time for a big lunch but at least a selection to choose from

Looks good
So we decided to start at the back and work our way forward.

First the covers in the center then the plastic trim on the sides

Then remove the tail lights (just two screws)

Drill a 1 inch hole and splice in the wires
Then we ran the cable to the front, found a place to poke the wire through a rubber grommet in the firewall.  It turned out to be a great place to run the airline for the brake so we did that also.  Snaked the wire to the front and wired it into the receptacle.   Nothing left to do but replace the trim we had removed and we are done for the day.  Oh we did test the lights and they all worked.

Hurried in the house and showed.  Got dressed, made a sandwich, and dashed off to court with my sandwich.  Had a good sized turnout tonight, pretty routine just one big case.  Then home to relax a little and write this update.


Another wet morning and lots of running around to do today so I better get started.

I headed out went into Varysburg to pass out flyers for the Pancake Breakfast, oh no I left them in the other car.  So headed to Strykersville, first stop the Red Apple and filled up the truck.  Then across the street to the bank to do the court deposit.  They up the road to the post office to pick up the registered mail.  Finally off to court.  Called and got the info we needed for the new EJustice portal, everything is going online it seems.  Then processed a bunch of mailed in pleas on tickets.  Picked up some flyers and then headed back to Varysburg to hand them out and only found one business open but they put the flyer on display and they have a lot of patrons.  I will try again tomorrow

Tomorrow we plan to install the supplemental brake system on the car and coach.  The kit only has 40 feet of air line for the brakes so I called around and finally found more in Warsaw, they are ordering it and it will be there in the morning, so will have to pick that up and some hardware.

Then it was off to WW and I lost a couple pounds so that was good.  Then over to Elizabeth's for Goulash made with turkey it was really good.  Finally home and a little TV to relax.

Big news of the day the Motorhome is paid off.  Now we can use the payment money to put fuel in it :).

Thats it for tonight time for some sleep


Another good nights sleep and lots of sun this morning.

I read some blogs and email and then headed to Warsaw to pickup the airline and some hardware.  Back home for a quick lunch and now heading out to see what I can get down before my friend comes over to help.  If all goes well we will finish today.

Well it was a great day nice and sunny and warm and we finished the install of the Air Force One brake system in the CR-V and the Coach.  Of course we finished after dark but everything worked the first time.  So we should be all set to take the car with us Friday when we head for Ives Run in PA.

Here are a few pictures.

This looks like the best spot for the control unit.
New piece of flat stock about to get attached to AFO
Airlines going into car.
Break-away-switch, electric plug, and air hookup installed on car
Used these parts to tap into the coach air system
Friend running the airline to the front
Air and electric added to coach
Added the new black tank to the coach to protect the air system
Running the less to the mirror that lets you know the brakes are on
The leds work!!!
Here is the control unit installed after I added the 2inch flat stock!
So after about 16 hours of working over the course of a few days the car and coach are ready to tow and be towed.  The CR-V is now officially a TOAD.

Was it worth it yes.  I checked the quotes I had to install it and saved over 1000 dollars.  There are lots of pieces and parts but with the help of an experienced friend and some good common sense its not that hard, it just takes a while.  SMI  the makers of the Air Force One brake system were great to work with.  I called them 3 or 4 times and their advice was spot on.  Which was great as cutting into the air system on the coach was my biggest concern.

So its just after midnight so I will get this posted.  Next post should have some info from the campout.

Thanks for checking in.