Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Last Week of October---Trailing Arm issues resurface


Well I got up this morning with every intention of cutting grass, but the rain soon put the brakes on that.  I hadn't even finished breakfast by the time it started to rain. So I'm catching up on the some blogs and podcasts and watching a little TV before I head up to court.  (I am using dragon dictation on the iPhone to write this section).

Well it stayed wet all day.  I went out in the back yard to try to catch a picture of how wet it was and things started to move.  I did not see the deer until they moved, they blend into the leaves almost perfectly.  They never did run away guess they are getting used to me.

How many do you see


This one is close

Almost in the center
Thats it for Monday because its past midnight.  Lots of running around tomorrow.


Well since I needed to get out of the house early this morning my internal alarm clock mal functioned and I did not wake until after 8, but my feet were on the floor seconds after I look at the clock.  I got breakfast and dressed and was out the door shortly after 9, with my second cup of coffee in hand.

First stop was the bank where I deposited the courts money.  Then headed across the street to my bank to make another deposit.

Second stop was at the dry cleaners to get my court robe cleaned.

Third stop was at the Dr's office for a routine check up.  Got a text and a phone call before I got out of the truck and took care of some court business.  Dr was happy with my weight loss and said my lab numbers are unbelievably good and my BP 122/70.  Next visit in February for an annual physical.

Fourth stop was at the EA Wireless store to pick up a case for my iPhone, I had a 50% off coupon that the owner had given me last week.

Fifth stop was at the Post Office to mail some certified mail for court.

Headed for Batavia and the NARFE meeting, looks like I will be a little late.  Made it about 10 minutes late everyone has already ordered lunch.  Someone went and found the waitress and I put my order in.  Lunch was good as it usually is.  I was also scheduled to speak today so I was ready to do that.  There was also a second speaker from the office for the aging.  So I deferred to her and she spoke for about 20 minutes on their programs.  My turn.  I had attended a seminar on Medicare back in June and this was the first opportunity I had to report on what I had learned.  It went well.  There were lots of questions and I think I was able to answer them all.  Wow its already 2:30.  Headed home finally.

Sixth stop, home.  Collected the trash, cleaned the cat box, and took it all out to the road.  Turned on computer to catch up on email.  Bonnie soon came home and we got ready to head to WW.  I loaded up a book case into the Honda to take to Alexus.

Seventh stop WW, we both lost some this week, yea a good week.

Eighth stop Subway for $5 foot longs for Elizabeth, Alexus, and us.  Elizabeth usually cooks for us on Tuesdays so once in a while we take something for supper.

Ninth stop, Elizabeth's.  Dropped off the bookcase and we all ate our subs.  I talked to Brian about the MH and need to stop over in the morning with information on the brakes so he can order parts.

Finally home and some time to catch up on reading the blogs I follow and write this post.  Its raining hard enough that I can hear it.

Its been a long day and its half past midnight, goodnight.


Up a little later than normal this morning but out the door a little after 9.  I needed to be over at the shop to look at the MH and see what needed to be done.  They had seen some things they did not like during the inspection.  One that needs taken care of concerns the trailing arms.  The u-bolts that hold the axle on looked funny according to Brian.  Brian had left to look at a bus when I got there but I met his dad Bill and we looked at the brakes, the damaged brake hose, the exhaust and the u-bolts.

Indeed the u-bolts did not look seated properly.  I called Holiday Rambler tech support and they emailed me the specs and directions.  Sure enough the bottom wedge plate is installed backwards and it clearly states how to install them.  $110 bucks an hour labor rate in Knoxville and the technician can not read and follow directions.  Here are a few pictures of the issue.

Interesting to see our coach so high in the air

Hard to see but the wedge shape piece above the bolts should have the wide
part of the wedge toward the front of the MH.  If you zoom in you can see that
the nuts are not flat against the plate and the u-bolt does not touch the top of the axle.
Also the bolts were cut off with a torch, making it tough to get the nuts off.

You can see the gap under the u-bolt better here.

Same problem on the other side

See the white on the edge of the rim the hose was rubbing here and is almost warn through.
So it needs to be replaced.
So I heard late this afternoon that some of the parts came in and Brian hopes to put them on early tomorrow like between midnight and dawn.

Then I headed up to court, they are repairing the walls from when there was a leak.  New studs, insulation, and drywall.

The plastic is keeping things pretty clean.

New Studs

New drywall ready to go up after they insulate
 The next picture will let you know what the town highway crew was doing this afternoon and what is in the forecast for tomorrow night.

Yep putting on the plows

They are putting on the Wing plows also
So by this time tomorrow we will know if we get the first snow of the season.  The iPhone 4s is still working flawlessly and about half of these pictures were taken with it.

Well thats about it for Wednesday

Thanks for Checking In!