Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A new week, new issues


I tried to sleep in a little as I had plans for this morning.  I got up a little before 9 and the sun was out.  My plan was to head into East Aurora to Quest labs for routine blood work for a regular checkup next week.  So I got up and got going signed into the lab at 9:04 and was out of there before 10am.

My tradition is to stop at Charlie's diner on lab days and so I did.  I had the #2 special and it was delicious.  They use homemade bread for toast and I had the rye.  Then I stopped at the EAVerizon store to get a look at the new iPhone 4s.  But they did not have one seems everyone is sold out until the end of the month.

So back home and I took down the flag and the flagpole putting them away for the winter months.  Then a little TV and rest.

Time to head to court for the evening.

All went well at court.  I called about the MH today.  They have been looking it over as they have time.  The oil and filters are changed, there is an exhaust pipe cracked, a front caliper that needs flipped, my frozen rear caliper, and a brake hose that is rubbing on a wheel rim.  So all that will get fixed as they have time.  As I said they are a school bus company and this time of the year the buses take priority.  We do not have any more trips planned for this year so no big hurry.  I just need a few hours to winterize it and clean out the food before we put it to bed in storage for the winter.

Boy it felt cold today when I was out, cold and damp.  Had my first hot chocolate of the season.

Time for bed, calling it a day.


Nice and sunny this morning.  I have a couple hours and then off to court for the afternoon.  To bad it would be a good day to pick up leaves.  Then off to WW tonight.

All went well today.  Gained a little at WW so having carrots for a snack tonight.  We had dinner with Elizabeth and Alexus, delicious roast beef and veggies.  It was raining when we left there and is to continue for a couple days.  She also got the word that the septic tank is full and hopefully they will pump it out tomorrow.

We got home and watched a bit of tv and I worked on some bills.


Well it was not a very pleasant day out.  The good news is that the septic got pumped out at Elizabeths and the pipes cleaned, it took two different companies.  So far all is working as it should.

I headed for the bank this morning and then up to Batavia.  First stop was to get gas at Top's saved 50cents a gallon.  Then checked at the Verizon store.  I got to see the iPhone 4s but they will not have any to sell until the end of the month.  Then up to Lowe's they are closing this store, the only one to be closed in New York.  Right now items are 10% off and going to 20% off on Saturday.  I will check back later hopefully I can pick up a deal or two.

Then tonight we headed for a new Honda owners clinic in at Ray Laks Honda where we bought the CR-V.  It was very nice about 100 new owners were there.  We met the owner and all the managers.  They each told a little about their areas and made us feel like they really cared about us as customers.  They had lots to eat and gave away a lot of nice door prices which we did not win.  But everyone did get a free "A Service" which includes an oil change.  No other dealer where we have bought a car has ever done this.

Back home it was a windy drive home and I it is very windy out now here.  Time for a little TV and then some sleep.

Thanks for checking in.