Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Goodbye Time-Warner Cable


Shortly after I finished breakfast Chris showed up with my new DISH satellite antenna and receiver.  While he installed the antenna outside I disconnected and removed the cable box and DVR.  I had already run a telephone line and network cable into the media center.  I also had a pull string that we would use to pull up the new coax cable from the antenna.

New Dish Antenna
So with the outside done Chris hooked up the receiver and DVR.  He also hooked up a sling adapter so we can watch our TV on a computer or iPhone when we are not home.  The whole install went well.  The only glitch was getting the programming all activated and set up properly.  But I think that is all taken care of now.  So far so good.  I spent most of the evening figuring out what all the thing will do, I sell have a lot to explore and learn.


Lots to do today.  I had to take the cable box up to Batavia and turn it in, 50 mile round trip.  I did get a call from the Time Warner retention department saying they could cut my bill in half, which is what I did with DISH.  To LATE!  Then down to Flying J to fill up my truck.  Followed that with a trip to court to catch up on paperwork.  I spent a couple hours there and then headed home.

Stopped at the end of the driveway to read the electric meter that is out by the road.

What reading do you get?
Back home I put up some curtain rods for Bonnie, collected the trash and cleaned the cat litter box.  Started to read my email just as Bonnie got home.  I gave her a quick lesson on the new DISH system and then it was time to go to WW.  I went out first and took the trash out to the road.  It has started to rain and is freezing in some areas.

WW went well with all the eating out in Florida I only gained 1.2lbs.  Elizabeth made homemade beef stroganoff for supper, with homemade chunky apple sauce.  Both were delicious.  We watched Hawaii Five-O together and then we headed home in the rain at 33 degrees.  Sure am glad the motorhome is inside for the winter.

Hope to read a little tonight, I have The Help on my Kindle that I got for 21 days from the library, so need to get it read.  More tomorrow


Got up this morning and it was still raining.  I heard it raining hard last night several times.  When I checked the rain gauge it said well over an inch of rain has fallen overnight.  No outside work today.  It even snowed for a while this morning but did not stick.

I did install a new toilet seat for Bonnie, and ordered Snow Blox for the roof to stop the snow from sliding off the metal roof.  The snow is damaging the gutter which I noticed when I was cleaning the gutters.  Plus with the DISH antenna where it could get damaged it was time to put them up.  They are already on the back roof and the garage.  They I rearranged the cables in the media center so it is a little neater now.

I spent quite a bit of time reading The Help and hope to finish it soon and then see the movie.  Finishing up the evening putting some solar lights together for Bonnie and watching Survivor.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving.  I like this time of the year as we pause to Thank our Creator for all He provides us, and to be around family and let them know how much they mean to us.

Have a great time together with friends and family, we have so much to be Thankful for.

Thanks for checking in.