Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Roof Work---Not


Raining this morning when I got up and pretty wet all day long.  Just spent the day reading and catching up on blogs and email.  I did a little cleaning and relaxing.  Then headed into spend the evening with Alexus as Elizabeth was going to be out learning to knit.

I spent some time online with Dish getting some channels activated that were included in my package.  This is the third time I have called and finally feel like everything is set up the way it should be.

I am still waiting for the ice blow to be delivered for the roof.  Also hoping that the weather holds off so I can get up on the roof before it snows and install them.

Interesting time with Alexus two surprises.  The first was a FaceTime call with my grand children out in Alabama, a nice surprise.  The second was the well apparently running out of water at Elizabeth's.  First the septic now the well.


Lots to do today so of course I slept in until almost 9.  After breakfast and a quick movie "127 Hours"  I headed to court.  Spent a couple hours up there and then home.  The UPS truck brought the sealant, screws, and ice blow.  Now I need some decent dry sunny weather.  Waiting for Bonnie now.  Then we are off to WW.

Went to WW gain some its been a fun couple of weeks, but I need to get serious again.  Elizabeth and Alexus came to the house, they have no water again.  Someone did come to look at it and I think they are going to fix it tomorrow, maybe a bad pump.  So they got showers, did some wash and had supper with us.  I went over the Visa bill and set it up to be paid.  Then a little TV and now I am headed to bed to read a bit and then get a good nights sleep.


The sun was peaking through the clouds when I got up this morning, maybe I can work on the roof.  Made my breakfast and the sun was shining in my eyes.  Read a few blogs and it was dark in the living room.  Hey its snowing out there goes the roof work.

Then the phone rang and I had to head to court to sign some paperwork.  I was up there a couple hours and then home in the cold rain.  Nothing but a trace of snow and sun is still forecast for tomorrow.

Elizabeth has water again tonight but nothing has been fixed yet.  Her boiler cuts off it appears when there is no water pressure so now she has heat back again.  Hopefully they will get someone that knows what they are doing to look at it.

Well thats it for today.  Thanks for checking in.