Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Time to Winterize


I was up before Bonnie left for work today but it stayed cold outside.  I headed out about 10:30 it was up to 41.  Plan is to winterize the MH.  I started to drain the Water Heater and the Fresh Water Tank.

Draining the water heater

Draining the fresh water and low point drains
Then I removed the water filter cartridge from under the sink and put in the bypass

This replaced us carrying bottled water
Next I blew out all the water lines.

Air compressor to blow out lines.

Then add the antifreeze, the safe to drink kind.

Safe to drink but tastes bad
While I was pumping that in I noticed the one way valve that is part of the system to bypass the hot water heater was allowing antifreeze to leak back into the HWH and run out the drain.  Anyone replaced one of those?  More to research and fix.  But the water system is full and protected.

Then when I moved the MH back to its spot I notice the ground pin broke off the adapter cable.

Broken ground
I had two small cord end adapters one was bad and the other is installed and working now.  I am trying Amazon Prime so ordered a new one with free two day shipping.

Now I am rushing to finish this, shower and head to court.

Busy night in court and did not get home till almost 10.  Now its time to get a little something to eat and then head to bed.  Tomorrow is another busy Tuesday.


Lots of running around today.  First the bank and then the post office.  Then a couple hours at court.  Checked the mail when I got home and my box from Gazelle to ship them the old Droid was here.  I packed it up and put on the prepaid mailing label.  Then cleaned the cat box, put the trash in the back of the truck and took it out to the road.  Then down the hill to drop off the package at the post office.  Then back home and finally a little lunch.  The cat heard something and then so did I, it was the big brown truck, with a delivery from Amazon.  According to what I have been reading this should keep the mice away from inside the motorhome and make it smell good also.

Mouse Repellant

I was planning to cut grass but it was too late.  So I loaded the wardrobe into the truck for Elizabeth.

Bonnie was soon home and we headed for WW in East Aurora.  On the way in stopped at Elizabeth's and dropped off the wardrobe.  Then on to WW, yea I lost.  Then over to Tops so Bonnie could shop.  We seniors get an extra 6% off on the first Tuesday of the month.

Finally home and some dinner around 7:30.  Now a couple TV shows and then some sleep.


Wow what a gorgeous day sunny and up to 62.  Perfect day to be outside and outside I was.  First stop was the motorhome to put peppermint oil in the drawers and cabinets.  They say it will keep the mice away so we are trying it.  One plus already, the coach smells like Christmas.  While in the MH I took some pictures of the hot water bypass valve that is allowing antifreeze back into the heater.

A little blurry but the handle is in bypass

The handle is off and you can see how it works.
On the left side of the valve is where the hot water comes out normally.  Between the gray plastic Tee and the tank is a check valve.  When in bypass the water comes up the blue pipe and right back out the left red pipe and the check valve is supposed to keep it from going into the tank.  It is leaking.  It will not be a problem until next year when I winterize again.  So I will wait until then and try tapping it to see if it is stuck and will maybe seal.  If not an extra gallon of anti freeze once a year is cheaper than replacing the valve.

I almost forgot.  Just before I went outside I got a call from Freightliner in Knoxville and they said just send the invoice for fixing the trailing arms and they will pay it.  I had not heard anything for a week, but am glad that they are willing to pay to fix it.

I jumped on the lawn tractor and cut the grass behind the house.  Then took a break for lunch.  After lunch I hooked up the Cyclone Rake and went to picking up leaves again.

Most of the leaves are off the trees now.
 It was really wet and soft in spots but I was able to pick up all the leaves.  I am hoping this is the last I need to pick up but will leave the Cyclone Rake set up for another week maybe before I put it away.
The yard looks good again.

The view from the top yard toward the MH
I had the windows and door open on the MH all day to air it out a little.

This view almost looks like a park.
At the far end of the picture above this is where the deer like to hang out.  There are so many hoof marks it is almost rough when you drive the tractor over it.

After  putting the rake and mower away I jumped on the big tractor.  I needed to push the leaves over the edge where I dump them.  Then I headed out to smooth the end of the driveway.  I did what I could with the tractor.  Lots of people seem to spin their tires at the end of our driveway.  Then I took the rake out and smoothed it out so it looks good.  Bonnie pulled in as I headed out to rake.

After putting everything away and bring in the recycle bin it was time to go in and relax.  We started to watch what the DVR had recorded but about that time the UPS truck came and brought more Amazon stuff.  We bought a wireless printer that we can also use in the MH and a few other items for around the house.  Then the phone rang and while Bonnie was on the phone and fixing salads for supper, I set up the new printer.  So far it works great, its a small HP laser printer, got it for under $100.

Finally we got back to our recordings and enjoyed our salads.

Its been a great week so far.........Thanks for Checking In.