Sunday, November 20, 2011

Nice and warm in Florida while it snows in Buffalo


Got off to a nice slow start this morning, slept in till 8.  Then had a leasurly breakfast and read the paper.  We made it out to the pool after 10 and it was a bit cool.  But the hot tub and nice sunshine made up for the cool breeze and it was comfortable.

Hot tub time

We came in about 1pm and nothing here really for lunch so had a nice bowl of Blue Bell ice cream.  We have a boat ride and then a show planned for the rest of the day.  Dinner will be sandwiched in there some where.  There is not a cloud in the sky today.

Nothing here at the condo for lunch so I had a bowl of ice cream.  Then we headed to old St Andrews for a late afternoon cruise of the bay and to try to spot some dolphins.  Here are a few pictures of the trip.

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Captain Hal

Might have lunch here tomorrow

Had some grouper here for dinner

Went back to the show at Gulf World

Two Elvis's on stage
We had a good day, learned lots of history on the tour and the Legends show was their last of the season and was very good and lasted almost 3 hours.


After a late night I slept in till about 8:30 this morning.  Nothing really on the agenda for today so taking it easy.  We decided to go back to Bayou Joe's and give them a try for lunch.  So we went on and printed out a coupon.  Then punched it into the GPS on my iPhone and headed over there.

This is the backside of the building

Nice table on the water
Wow what a great time and great food.  Our waitress was from Collins near home and we had a nice chat about Western NY.  I had the Oyster PoBoy and Sharon had the Crab cakes.  I had a piece of Key Lime pie for dessert and a Brownie for Sharon.  Its not going to be pretty at WW next week.  While we were there the same boat we cruised on last night pulled up with a new group.

That's Joyce from NY on the left
After lunch we headed on done the beach to look for a geocache.  We looked a while and finally found it.  Also got to visit with an RVer who was letting his dog swim on the beach we were parked at.  He was also a geocacher so he helped us look, but we found it after he gave up.

Then we went over to the city park, where they are busy decorating for Christmas.  We walked down to the water.

A beautiful sunny day
Then we walked back through the park and spotted this 4 headed Palm Tree.  Supposedly the only known one.

We looked for another cache in the park but joined the list of those that did not find it.  It was getting late in the afternoon, it gets dark here at 4:45pm.  We were both still full from lunch so stopped and picked up subs from the WinnDixie for later tonight.

Spending the evening watching a couple movies and hopefully getting to bed a little earlier.


Well its our last day here and it is overcast and raining off and on.  So not a bad week.  We went out for a while today and Sharon did a little shopping at the Christmas at the fairgrounds show.  I walked around but did not see anything that interested me.  Then back to the condo and watched some TV.  We filled the car up with gas so we are all set to head to the airport in the morning for our 7:30am flight.  We plan to ear dinner here on the resort the same place we ate the first night.

We checked into our flights on line and the front desk printed our boarding passes.  All we have left to do is pack the suitcases and run the dishwasher when we leave in the morning.


Not much to say about today.  We got up at 5am and were on the way to the airport at 5:30.  The GPS tried to take us to the old airport but we ignored it and made good time and were almost 90 minutes early.

We had our boarding passes but had to check luggage.  Long line only 2 Delta employees working.  It took forever.  No line at TSA security lots of people working there.  Delta and Southwest are the only two airlines that fly out of here so it is a small airport.  Our flight was all boarded when we go to the gate and had to wait a bit for the people in the line behind us checking luggage.  We got away just a few minutes late and into Atlanta a few minutes early.

My flight to Buffalo was on the same plane just a new flight number.  Sharon was just a couple gates away.  Both of our flights left on time and got in early.  Bonnie picked me up and I went to Getzville to the Chapel with her as she had a meeting for the mission trip in January.  She had a sub sandwich for me and I had a book to read on the iPad and some podcasts to watch.  The Chapel is also decorating for Christmas and I watched Frosty being put together.

First the belly

Chest and head next
 Lots of people doing a lot of decorating.  Finally we headed home, with a stop at Flying J for gas, even used my RV Frequent Fueler Card.  Thats about it for this week.

I had a great time with my sister and enjoyed the weather.  I did not enjoy flying and the hassle that goes with it now a days.

Thanks for checking in.