Sunday, November 6, 2011

Taking it Easy


After being outside most of yesterday I spent most of today working on the computer.  Also washed the towels.  I did make it outside for an hour or so.  I dumped out all the tools from the old craftsman tool box I had in the motorhome and sorted it out.

Sorted them in the back of the Ranger, lots of duplicates

Loaded up the new plastic box to back in the Motorhome
Bonnie was home before I knew it.  Her and Elizabeth are attending the Woman of Faith Conference up in Rochester tonight thru Saturday.  So I am spending some quality time with Alexus.  I took her to the youth meeting at their church tonight and then I sat in the sanctuary and listened to the praise team practice for Sunday, they lead the music and singing.  It was after 9 when we got home.  Alexus got ready for bed, she gets up at 5:30, wow.  Now its time for the news and then I am headed to bed.


Lots of running around today.  I got up at 6am and did not here Alexus up, so checked on her, she was awake in her room.  The bus comes at about 6:54, she came downstairs at 6:48 and caught the bus.

I thought the dry cleaners opened up at 9am so I was in East Aurora at 9 but they did not open until 10am.  So I headed up to Charlie's Diner to grab some breakfast.  It was pretty crowded but I heard my name.  It was Paul a former co-worker.  He was alone so I sat down and had some coffee and eggs with him.  Its been 6 years since I retired and he left in 2008 so we had a good time catching up on each other.  Before I knew it it was 10am.

I headed back for the cleaners and ran the CR-V through the car wash which was right next door.  Then I headed for court and was there for a couple of hours.  Alexus just had a half day of school today so I went back to her house and picked her up and we came home to our house.

Its pretty cold out so I did the wash and she listened to her iPod and texted friends.  She tells me she had 8000 texts last month, it was a slow month.  We picked up a pizza and ate half for lunch and half for dinner.  Then we watched Happy Feet together, I wanted to review before Happy Feet 2 comes out in a week or two.  We had a little ice cream half way through.  She watched some youtube on the iPad and then about 9:30 said she was heading to bed.  I did not sleep to well so think I will head there also.

I did get the iPhone and iPad to "AirPrint" to the new wireless printer, all I had to do was upgrade to the newest firmware and it worked.  Well thats about it for tonight.  The woman are doing good in Rochester, they called and I get an occasional test.


Had this in my email from Gazelle this morning, good news!

Here is an update about what has happened with the box you sent us.


We've tested your Motorola Droid 2 A955 and everything checked out.


We should email you the $64.05® Gift Card in 3 to 5 days. 
Looks like it got very cold last night 22 in Attica according to Weatherbug but 30 on the thermometer here at the house.

It turned out to be a nice cool sunny day.  My friend came over and got a truck full of the wood he had cut earlier in the year.  He had borrowed a truck that leaked gas when it was running so we had a strong smell of gas.  Then Alexus and I cleaned the towels and sheets and food out of the MH for the winter.  I washed the sheets and towels and packed them for the winter.

The peppermint smell is nice in the motorhome, sure hope the mice do not like it.  I think the MH is now ready for storage.

The women got home just before 7 and brought Chinese food for supper.  I just had the hot and sour soap. Now a little football and a little TV and then a good nights sleep I hope.


Well I got all the clocks turned back last night and we all had a good nights sleep.  Up and at it this morning and off to church.  Bonnie has another busy day planned which makes it a very busy weekend for her.  Today is a baby shower.

I remembered to go out and reset the clock in the emergency generator, so it tests at the right time on Saturday morning.

Our ever ready generator

The control panel to reset the clock
We have been wanting to change out the big old TV in the MH and yesterday I went out and checked it out.

Need to change this for a new digital TV, that will make one less remote.
Now settling in for an afternoon of football Go Biils! and the NASCAR race from Texas, not sure who I am for there.

Thats about it from here so will get this posted early.

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