Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Preparing for winter


I was up until early this morning working on setting up a Podomatic account to post our church service podcasts to.  I managed to get uploaded before I went to bed.

Up again early before Bonnie left for work and feel well rested.  Read my email and a couple blogs.  Then streamlined the process to convert, edit and upload the other file I had and uploaded it to Podomatic so now there are Two uploaded.  I am hoping we can do this weekly for people that miss church or the snowbirds and others that are away.

FedEx pulled in with a delivery of allergy pills just after 9, so far the Amazon Prime is working nicely.  We checked some things Bonnie uses on line last night and can save on them also.  Speaking of Amazon, my credit from Gazelle came via email today so I am happy with the transaction.  May sell them some other old electronics.

Then I headed outside about 11am to work on the list of things Bonnie gave me yesterday.  I was surprised to see my sister-in-law.  I had her on my calendar for tomorrow at 11, but she had today.  So change of plans, we worked on her books.  We entered the whole year in under 2 hours.  After a couple years she is pretty organized.  I help her file her taxes.  After she left I grabbed a quick lunch and headed out again.

I grabbed the mail and had letter from the Social Security Administration, what now.  GOOD NEWS!  They have been under paying me, about 20 bucks a month.  So they are going to make that up and increase my monthly check.  Starting next month.

I grabbed some tools and took the shelves down in Bonnie's closet.  The goal is to get it ready so she can paint it while I am gone and then the new closet system can go in.

Lots of holes to patch this is just one of three walls

The old shelves and broken bird feeder headed to the garage
I took the load to the garage.  I am hoping that I can use some of the shelves in the basement storage in the MH for added shelf space.  I also went to work on the bird feeder that got smashed in the spring.  I used the bottom of a five gallon bucket and an old lid off a small storage tub.  I think it will work.  I mounted it a little higher than before and replace the bottom section of pipe that was bent with a 2X2.  So now its ready for some sunflower seed.

Almost good as new
Blowing the leaves off the deck was also on my list so I did that also.

The leaves always collect in this spot
Finally time to head into the house.  I grabbed the spackle and patched the holes in the closet and over the kitchen window.

Now it time for a cup of Earl Gray after a quick shower and clean clothes.

Tea Time, Love our Keurig
Bonnie did sausage on the grill and baked squash for supper it was all delicious.  Now time for a little TV and then off to bed.


Wow where did Tuesday go, I missed updating the blog.  Lets see if I can remember what I did.
I was up and reading blogs when the Dish Network local installer called.  He owns his own company here in town and called to say he had time to look at what we wanted.  I had called him Monday because the cable bill has gotten just too high.  Dish is about half at least for the first year, it would save over 400 busks.  Plus we can use Dish in the MH and they seem to be RV friendly.  So he came by and with the newer satellite we now have a good line of sight.  So we are deciding if we are going to switch and what plan we want.

Then I had to go Vote I was number 48 and I also ended up stopping by court for a couple hours.  Then finally back home for some lunch.

After lunch I went in and sanded the holes and patches I had done in Bonnie's closet.  After she looks it over I will clean it up and then she can paint it.  Then outside to work on the Cyclone Rake.  I drained the gas and changed the oil on it.  Then folded up the bag and stored it in the garage.  Then took the frame and engine unit down to the shed for the winter.  Just enough time to get a shower.

Then it was off toe WW for our weigh in.  Oops up a little.  Then on to Elizabeth's for a nice Antipasto salad for dinner.  Finally home for the night.  TV time and computer time.

The podcasts of our churches service and sermon have made it to iTunes.  You can find it by searching for FBC Attica Podcast.  Give it a listen.


Woke early, tried to roll over and sleep some more but got up just as Bonnie left.  Checked the computer and it looks like all my monthly bills are now set up for auto-pay.  Never have done this so it will be interesting giving up control.

Then up and read my email and blogs for a couple hours, also a little TV.

I checked and the trash had not gone left so I gook out a little more stuff including an old large TV, it was too big and heavy for me to lift so I put it in the bucket of the tractor.  That led to me heading up to the upper woods to pull down a couple trees that were hung up.  I ended up getting three down and also dug up three old stumps in the yard.  After I put the tractor away I jumped on the Lawn Tractor.
I went out and cut the grass by the road to warm up the oil.

Then back to the garage and dropped the deck to clean and grease it.  Also changed the blades while I had it off.  Put air in the tires, cleaned the mouse nest off the top of the battery, and cleaned the terminals.

Dropped the mower deck
This was on the top of the battery

All clean now and ready for storage
 I also changed the oil and filter and then took it down to the shed.  I hated to do it but it is that time of the year.  I put gas in the snow blower and took it up to its winter spot in the garage.

Ready for the snow
It was after 4 by now so I went into the house and wiped down the walls in the closet and cleaned the drywall dust off the floor and wood work.  Bonnie had emailed me earlier in the day and asked if we could get her new closet in before I went on vacation.  She wants to paint tonight.  So I got it ready.

And she is in there now painting.

Getting it done

And she looks happy about it.
Finally a chance to sit down and watch the news.  Supper will be a little later tonight.  Guess I will get this posted.

Thanks for checking in.