Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving Day


Got up early today knowing it would be a long day, but a a good day.  Bonnie made the Waldorf salad and baked the squash and we were off to the first of two dinners before noon.

First dinner was with our family in Java Village.  We had about 15 family there.  Several were with other family in Pennsylvania and Mississippi.  But we still had a nice spread of food.
Lots of great food
The smoked turkey was great and the Apple Pie the best ever.

Then off to Elizabeths for a couple hours and an attempt at a little nap.

Then we headed for John and Sandy's friends of Elizabeth's from her church that we also know.  They had a couple other families over for dinner and again delicious food and desserts.  We even watched a little football and played Pictionary on the Wii.

Finally headed home around 10pm, and now time for some rest and sleep, after I dry the towels.

I trust you all had a great Thanksgiving day and enjoyed time with your family.


Where did Friday go.  Here it is Saturday and I need to catch up.

I was up my normal time and started the wash.  Read my blogs and email and some on my book The Help.
Around 10:30 I gave Alexus my GD a call to make sure she was up as we were going to the movie.  She wasn't.  Called again at 11 and told her I would be there in 20 minutes.  When I got there she still was not dressed.  But we did make it in time.  We saw Happy Feet in 3D, I could actually see the special effects this time.  Cute movie and I enjoyed it.

Came home after dropping off Alexus about 3pm and Bonnie was already home, its usually after 4:40.  But all is well she just was able to come home early.  I spread some stone and fixed the ruts out front where the water running off the road damages the driveway when it rains hard.

We had good Thanksgiving leftovers for supper and watched a movie.  I read a little but was tired so was in bed shortly after 11.


Today proved to be a pretty laid back day.  I got up early and was surprised that Bonnie got up soon afterward, Saturday is her day to sleep in.  I read some email and blogs and then finished reading "The Help", I enjoyed the good and since we have a free year of blockbuster movies I ordered the dvd.

As I headed out to go up to court I snapped this picture of Bonnie hard at work on a family scrapbook.

She had an appointment with a printer to get copies made so she is putting on the last few finishing touches.

I spent a couple hours at court and then came home and took the winch off the tractor.  next step will be putting on the snow blower and checking it out for winter.

The rest of the day we watched some movies and read.  All in all a pretty easy Saturday.


Just a normal Sunday here.  Up early for church and we were treated to a good skit by the drama team with an excellent message.

A new star debuts
Once we got home Bonnie and I moved some furniture around and then it was movie day.  We watched two movies with time out to watch the Bills almost win.  Pretty simple day for us.

Thats about it for this week.  Thanks for Checking In.