Sunday, November 13, 2011

More Snow and I Traveled South


Up early hoping to clean the gutters.  Had my oatmeal and looked out, its raining and cold.  So decided to work on some things in the house.  Washed the towels and decided to run the CAT 5 cable to extend the home network to the media center.  This involved running cable from my desk in the bedroom, down into the basement, above the suspended ceiling and finally up into the media cabinet.

All went well
 It took a while but all went well.  I did stop for lunch and a quick trip up to court, to do some paperwork.
FedEx came and delivered the new switches so I plugged the cables into them and got green lights.  A quick test with the computer and all is working

Green lights on the new switch.
Then I moved on and started the closet project.

Pieces and Parts
This is the closet system we put together from what was left at the Lowes that is closing.  I pre assembled what I could and tomorrow we hope to get it installed.

Then I was off to Warsaw for training and a Magistrates meeting.  I went a little early to check out the new CAD system in the 911 center.

And this is what I came home to.

Second snow of the year.
Yep more snow.  There was even more on the hilltops coming home.  It was snowing hard and some of the flakes were as big as Silver Dollars.  Actually it was quite pretty.  I had plans to move a couch and table tomorrow and that plan has changed.  Also am still planning to take the motorhome and put it in storage.  If the roads are wet and if they salt the roads I will delay doing that also.

Bonnie was over to her parents and got home just after I did.  She brought an Apple pie home with her.  Sorry no picture as we ate most of it.  Thats about it for tonight.


Today is Veterans Day, thanks to all that have served and are still serving.
The guys were coming before 9 to pick up some of the wood they cut so I was up and ready early.  The ground is still covered with snow from last night so it will be sloppy.  Well sure enough I ended up pulling them back up to the driveway with the tractor winch.  Alls well that ends well.

Then I started on putting the closet system together for Bonnie.  It took most of the day but between loads of wash I was able to get it all installed.

The first shelf is up

Two more shelves and the tower, it gets more shelves.
I finished after 2 and grabbed some lunch.  The changed and headed out to the motorhome about 3.  Today is the day to move it into storage.  First stop is for fuel.

I like the tanks full when it goes into storage.  48 gallons later, you do the math.
As you can tell it is wet and in some spots it was snowing.  Some of the roads were muddy from the farmers so it is a mess right now.  But no problems and it is in storage for the winter.  Bonnie picked me up after work and we drove through some hard snow again on the way home.  Not snowing here at the house so thats good.

Just had some pizza for supper and now a little TV and then calling it a night.  Bonnie is off to PA in the morning.

Tried to update the maps in my Garmin NUVI tonight but kept getting an error, will have to figure that out.


Bonnie was up early and left before I got up.  She is on a bus trip with a group of ladies to the Grove City Outlets in Pennsylvania.  Won't be home until like 9pm tonight.

Well work called for Bonnie she may have to go to Warsaw when she gets home.  I headed up to the town building to finish any last minute work and also there is an Open House for the community.  We have a new plow truck and also a new storage building at the end of the building.  Then over to Attica to return a costume for Bonnie and take back some plugs to ACE that I bought and did not fit.

Then home to start packing for my trip to Florida.  Looked up lots of information and made sure I loaded it into the computer and iPhone.  I have not flown for awhile and learned how to go on line and print my boarding passes and pay for my one checked bag.  $25 to check a bag.  Never had to pay before.

Bonnie got home about 9 and headed to Warsaw, I offered to drive myself to the airport in the morning but she said she would rather take me.  So hope she gets back soon as I am ready for bed.  Hope I have everything packed.  Well she just pulled in bed time.


We were up at our regular Sunday time 6:45, but then the routine changed.  Bonnie took me into the airport.  I am off to Panama City, Florida for a weeks vacation with my sister.  I had checked in yesterday on line and paid for the one bag I am checking.  The line was short at security, so far so good.  Then way out to gate 23 in plenty of time.  We boarded on time, the plane was completely full no empty seats.  They pushed us back from the gate and the captain started the first engine,  there was a loud pop from the engine.  The captain came on the PA.  He decided he should get the engine inspected to make sure there was no damage, he suspected computer stall.  Fine with me better safe than sorry, once we get in the air its too late.  Well the mechanic gave us the thumbs up and we were in the air only about a hour late.  So I made all my connections and my sister did too.  We met up in baggage claim and headed for the Marriott legends at Bay Point in our rented Toyota.
Wow it is dark early.  Here are our only pictures of the condo so far, like I said it got dark to early.

My sister unpacking

My room for the week
We decided to go over to the marina here at the resort for dinner.  We both had shrimp, the portions were large and we both were full.  Then we went out and did enough shopping so we have oatmeal and fruit for breakfast.  We are both beat so are hoping for a good nights sleep.

It is to be 79 tomorrow and we are signed up for a Swim with the Dolphins at the Gulf World Marine Park, so stay tuned.  Thats it for tonight.

Thanks for checking in.