Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Frosty the Snow Man---Well at least the Main Ingrediant


It snowed about 1/2 inch of really slippery snow while we were at Bonnie's sisters for supper.  We had a great meal and played a game or three of Sequence.

Had a great time with family

Hamming it up for the camera
Bonnie watching Avatar with Jackson he is almost 3
The roads were slippery coming home and there was an accident just done from our driveway and we have been home an hour and they are still out there

We are off to Elizabeths to turn the heat up and wait for them to get home.  Then we will open presents and have home made Chicken Spaghetti a recipe we got in Virginia from Sharlene.

Opening Presents

A nice bowl

A pillow that becomes a pet
Now its movie time and then home for some rest, as some return to work tomorrow.


One of the best things about this time of year is hearing from relatives and friends from all over the country and the world.  I really enjoy hearing or reading what has been going on in their lives, kind of like a once a year blog update.  Thanks for all the letters and updates.

NWS just issued a weather advisory for tonight so time will tell how much snow we get.  Total is forecast to be about 7 inches the last I saw.  I am off to court to deposit any fines that have been paid and catch up on paperwork, then the trash, and off to WW (don't think the weigh in will be good news, but I have enjoyed the cookies and treats last week).  I will clean the snow off the deck and in front of the garage.  Its easier to move a little several times than a lot once.  Just got word from amazon that our new phones for the house shipped the others have slowly died after quite a few years, I tried new batteries but that has not helped the situation.

Before I left for court I fueled the snowblower to be ready for the snow they are predicting.  But I had too much on my mind and put the wrong gas in it.  So I drained it and put the mixed gas with the oil in it.  Oh well my age is starting to show.

The green color shows it had some oil in it just not enough

Lots of paperwork today and I got home just in time to leave for WW.  The scale shows that I have really enjoyed my Christmas and all the cookies and other treats.  One more week and then down to business again.  It was still just raining so we stopped at Elizabeth's for lasagna and watched a little TV with her.  We left about 9 and it was rain mixed with snow most of the way home.  Now at 10:30 it looks like it is all snow and is coating the deck.

Time to catch up on a couple blogs and then maybe finish my book and hopefully a good nights sleep.


Woke up to 2 or 3 inches of snow and lots of wind this morning.  The wind also blew in the cold its 20 degrees out right now.  The birds have eaten all the sunflower seeds so I need to refill that soon.  Not much on my agenda for the day.  I will work on the computer and prepare my files for the new year and clean up my info from this year in preparation for taxes.  Pretty exciting stuff.

Well I got going as lunch was fast approaching.  I collected the trash and then filled the bucket we use to fill the bird seed.  Then I got dressed warmly for the cold weather and headed outside.

First I shoveled a little then fired up the small snow blower to clear the deck.

Clearing the deck so I can fill the bird seed
Ready to fill the repaired bird feeder

All full and the birds were back by the time I got in the house
One last thing to do on the deck.  Clean the cat box.

All clean, Emily will be one happy cat.
I took a short break for lunch.  I finished up the cookies that Ann brought us and then headed out to move snow around the garage and basement door.  Turned on the Keurig to make some Chai Tea when I get back in.

This is the medium blower for around the garage.
 The driveway is under the snow somewhere.

First real snow of the season
I then took the trash out to the road, collected two pieces of junk mail and then packed the snow down on the driveway by driving back and forth.  If I used the big blower I would scoop up a bunch of the driveway stone so I just pack it down for a while.  Finally back in the house and time for some hot tea.

Once Bonnie got home we had leftovers, which I always like and then watched a couple movies.  Moving all the snow today has tired me out.  It was not hard just not used to it.  Its down to 11 degrees now and the wood on our wrap around deck is contracting and making popping noises.  The weather man says it will start to warm up a little tomorrow.  May even have more rain on Friday.

Thats about it for today, think I will post this and head in for some shut eye.

Thanks for Checking In.