Sunday, December 4, 2011

Up on the roof top (finally)


Supposed to be sunny today.

Well around 10:30 it got above 40.  So I went out and got organized.

All the pieces, parts and tools
So I got the ladder set up and did the first couple from the ladder but still had a lot to do.

Still a lot to do on the front of the house
So since the roof was clean and dry I scrambled up there and started putting the iceblox on.  First sealant then two self drilling screws.

Off to a good start
It took a couple hours and I had to get down once and get more iceblox and screws and a new battery for the crew driver.  But the front is done.

All done on the front over the new Satellite Antenna
It was well after one so I went in to get some lunch.  I also was running low on the snowblox.  I only had 17 left.  So after lunch I worked on some layouts and since the porch roof has less pitch I decided 17 would work.  The sun was still out so I put the ladder up on the back deck and finished up the roof project for this year.

All done with wider spacing
So before I had got on the roof for the third time Elizabeth called to say she was getting a new well pump and could I go in so Alexus was not alone.  So I called when I finished the roof and Alexus said one man was there and had pulled the pump and her mother was on the way home.  So I went in to check it out.

Here are a few shots.
Steve already has the new pump on the 108 feet of pipe

Pipe stretches out the driveway

Adding new wire and safety rope

Making the electrical connections
He dropped the pump in the well made the electrical connections and went in and turned on the pump switch.  Everything worked the first time.  In a few minutes the boiler fired up also.  I did a little investigation and there is a pressure switch in the boiler system so no well water pressure, no heat.  So hopefully they are in good shape again.

Finally home and time to relax, hopefully a nice hot meal when Bonnie gets home.


Wow what a difference a day makes, cold and overcast this morning.  By the time I left the house at 9:30 it was starting to snow.

Just starting to snow
I was headed to my SIL to get my haircut and visit.  Stopped at Hogans for a couple breakfast sandwiches, they have the best in the county.

Hogans, been here for years.
By the time I got my haircut and headed for court the roads were covered.

Slush covered road
I spent an hour at court and then headed home, to start the wash and make some ham salad.
Started with this.

4lbs bone in hame
Ran it through this.

Kitchen Aid grinder
Finally ended up with a nice bowl of Ham Salad

Will make some good lunches
Now time for a movie and some hot chocolate.


So about 7pm let night we lost the internet.  To make a long story short (I posted more on FB via my iPhone) Time Warner disconnected our cable TV and Internet after assuring me that the internet would not get disconncected.  Then they told me it might be a couple days before someone could come and reconnect it but they came about 2pm today.

Sure was cold this morning and the roof was still covered with snow, so happy I got the roof work done earlier in the week.  Elizabeth had some things for me to help with so called her around 10 to get her out of bed, and headed in there.

I put up a couple mini blinds and curtain rods.

Curtain rod instll

One side done

  Then I tried to let her change her water filter.  She got frustrated and I gave it a try.  It was really on tight but it finally came loose.  She cleaned out the old filter and case and we reassembled it and cleaned the screen on the faucet.  Good no leaks.

While I was under the sink with the filter I got a call from the President of our Holiday Rambler club asking if I would work on the nomination committee for the elections, I said yes as its only a week until elections.  Then I headed for court.

I made a few calls while I was up at court and we have a full slate for the elections, maybe some will be nominated from the floor.  I had a little work to do and headed home after a couple hours.

I think Elizabeth and Alexus are coming over for supper, Corn Chowder smells so good.  And it was delicious, now its movie time.


I did not sleep well last night was up till after 1am.  But I think I slept soundly after that.  Up early this morning when the alarm went off and got ready for church.  Bonnie and I had lunch in Attica at the Prospector as she had a meeting for the mission trip in at the Chapel today.

Finally got home after 1pm and tuned the TV to one of my free packages.  "NFL Redzone"  they show all the scoring from all the teams pretty much as it happens.  Lots of action and since the Bills were not on TV because the home game did not sell out it was a good alternative.  Only one problem the Bills lost again.

Waiting for Bonnie to get home should be any time now, and then we are heading into Elizabeths for supper.  BTW no snow and its over 50 degrees out today.

We had a very good fish dinner with Elizabeth and Alexus.  Also got a look at their Christmas tree that Alexus is decorating.

All lit up
Thats about it for this week.  Thanks for Checking In.