Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A little warm up, no snow, but now the rain


I was up early with a plan for the day.  That was until 8:34am when the phone rang.  I turned off the video podcast I was watching and stopped reading my email.  Finished dressing and headed for court.

I finished up at court before noon and headed home for lunch.  I will be heading back up to court in a few hours for a regular session of court tonight.

I had a request for the recipe for the lasagna soup so I sent that out, its good to get some feedback on the blog.  The deer were all over the back yard again today.

Routine night at court and I finished off the soup when I got home tonight, excellent.  Bonnie was still up when I got home and we watched a little TV together.

Time to do a little reading and then bedtime.


Woke up to the sunshine again, wish it would stay this way all winter.  Its a little warmer today and thats nice too.

A busy but boring day.  Some of the snow has melted but not all, but they say it will be in the 50's and rain tomorrow so that will melt the snow.

We tried pizza from a new place tonight Mary's Country Cupboard and it was pretty good.  Thats about it for today.


Sunny again first thing this morning but now just after 9 it is clouding up.  A check of the radar shows rain is moving in.  It is supposed to get up to 50 today but it has not hit 40 as of 10am.  Today is the first time in a long time I have nothing on my calendar, but I do need to make a run to the bank.

Never made it to the bank.  I wrapped the presents I had bought and took it easy.  Just as it started to rain I went out to the road and got the recyle bin so Bonnie would not have to bring it in.

She went straight to bed when she got home, she has not felt well since yesterday.  Hope a long nights sleep does her good, it usually does.  I was on my own for dinner so had left overs.

Been watching recorded TV programs and I have some reading I need to do so guess I will post this.
Sorry about the lack of pictures.

Thanks for checking in.