Sunday, December 18, 2011

Lots of Rain


Where did the week go.  Its time to wash the towels already.  Good news Bonnie felt good enough to go to work today.  I have to get a move on.  But I did manage to watch one of my podcasts.

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I headed to Warsaw to make stops at the bank and the local hardware store.

Local Hardware
I was looking for a  6inch circle florescent light bulb, no go, also a 3/4in neoprene washer, no go.  So that visit was a bust.

The real reason I was in Warsaw was to have lunch with my former co-workers and we had a wonder visit and lunch.  I really do miss the people I have worked with over the years.  Then I was able to go back and visit with some of the dispatchers I worked with in the 911 Center.  All in all a great day.

Lots of rain today and over an inch in the last 24 hours in my rain gauge.

Bonnie made veggie burgers for supper and then we watched a little TV together, sure am glad she is feeling better.

We received some sad news tonight.  One of woman that we met this summer at one of our campouts, passed away from a heart attack.  Our prayers go out for Bob in his loss.

Rain since yesterday evening 1.12 in.  Sure glad it was not snow


No rain this morning, lots of wind last night, the power was off for a while and our generator ran, I need to check it and see how long it ran for.

Wash is in the machines, one load drying and one in the washer.  Time to jump in the shower and then head up to court for a bit.

Went out to check out the generator

Lost power at 12:58am
Back on 2 hours and 41 minutes later

So I spent a couple hours up at court and got a lot done this afternoon.  Then home to finish the wash and even squeezed in a movie.  Bonnie has split pee soup in the crockpot and it sure smells good.

When I got home this was waiting for me in the door.

One of the last of the Christmas present
So I think my Christmas shopping is almost done, maybe one more thing to get.  Its snowing hard out at the moment (just after dark).

So accumulation, I am off to bed to read for a while before I drift off.


Woke up to winter wonderland today.  But only about an inch of snow but still a few flurries.  But the temperature sure is falling.

Bonnie got up and we loaded our old couch in the truck to take to Attica.  I dropped that off at a friends and picked up an expandable table from them to take to Elizabeth.  Not snowing in Attica but as I headed for Elizabeth's it was snowing hard on the top of the hills.  Made it to her house and we carried the table and table leafs in.

Then I headed up to court and spent a couple hours up there.  Home for a little while, grabbed the mail on the way in.  Good news the move The Help came, I enjoyed the book.

Headed into Elizabeths again, Bonnie has been in there most of the day baking cookies and cooking turkey soup and rice for supper.

The soup was delicious the movie was ok.  The book develops the plot much better and the sub plots.

Really cold now 11 degrees on the way home, 14 on the porch.  The cat and I are watching a little TV then off to bed.


Weatherbug shows it was down to 9 degrees last night, burrrrr!  We were up and off to church this morning, nice to park in a garage so we do not have to scrape windows in the morning.  Out to lunch at the Prospector after church as Bonnie and the other 5 people from our church going to the Dominican Republic in January have their final meeting today.

And then the fun started.  I got home and had a message waiting for me.  It was the Chase Credit Card fraud department.  Someone tried to make 4 charges totaling over $2000 this morning.  Kudos to Chase for denying the charges and notifying me.  So they canceled the card and said I would have a new one in a couple days.  I called Bonnie and she still has her card so neither card was stolen.  We believe it was from trying to order from an internet site that was advertised on the internet.  So Beware!!

Spent the afternoon working on the credit card so all references to that account are gone.  Had the NFL Redzone on Dish TV so I could keep up with the games.  To bad the Bills, Packers, Bears and Broncos lost.

Bonnie got home safely and we had Split Pea soup for supper and watched some recorded shows.

Thats about it for this week.  I did see we have 3 cats trying to take up residence on the porch.  Now we know whats been turning the lights on at night.  There is no food or water out there so hopefully they will move on shortly.  One week left until Christmas.

Thanks for Checking In