Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Does Santa Own a Raincoat


Nice and sunny this morning but that did not last long.  It is warmer, above freezing,  cleaned the back deck off and then it rained a little.  So it stayed cloudy the rest of the day.  I read and did some computer work.  Also watched a movie and some TV.  Where does the time go, I better head up for court.

Busy night at court and lots of reading to catch up on once I got home.  Its after midnight so I better head to bed, its raining out ant 35 degrees.  No sign of any cats on the porch today, perhaps they headed back to the neighbors.


Bright and sunny this morning.  Normal Tuesday routine, trash, cat box, court.  Then I checked the emial.
Another receipt for a subscription to a service I never heard of and a credit card I do not have in my possession.  Checked with the company and it is someone else's name.  They made a note of it but only have my email as a point of contact, so I wonder how this will play out.

Got all my running around done and spent a couple hours up at court.  Then I came home to wait for the UPS man to bring our new credit cards, they said I might have to sign for them.  I passed some of the time by going out and putting some stone in the low spots in the driveway.  With all the rain they are puddles so are easy to see.

Then we got some good news from Elizabeth.  As of January 3rd she will be the Executive Administrator at Buffalo City Mission.  She is excited and we are proud of her and know she will do a great job.

We headed into WW once Bonnie got home and we both did good on the scale.  UPS did bring the new cards but never even rang the doorbell.

Stepping up on the scale

Then we headed for Sheldon.  We made a quick stop at Elizabeths to give her a hug and congratulations on her new position.  Alexus had pre made us sandwiches for supper and they were delicious.  We even got a couple Christmas cookies.  We were on a tight schedule as I needed to be in Sheldon at 7pm to be sworn in with the other Town Officials for my 4 year term in Court.

Ready for 4 more years
We stayed for the meeting but left before the refreshments as the board went into Executive Session and you need know how long that will take.  So we headed home and had a snack as we watched a little TV.


It has been a different December in Buffalo weather wise.  Almost no snow but lots of rain and I heard it raining when I woke up this morning.  Sure hope Santa owns a raincoat.  Well thats ok there is nothing on my calendar for today, first day in a while.

So I had a quiet day until about 4:30 today.  Bonnie's mom called to let me know that her Dad had not returned home from dropping a neighbor off at the airport earlier in the afternoon.  We waited a couple more hours and called places he may have stopped.  He is 85 and does not walk a lot so we do not think he would go shopping on his own.  Then we called the Sheriff and a deputy was sent and a missing persons report was filed.  I am afraid all we can do now is pray and wait to hear from the Sheriff.

Please add Otis Maynard to your prayers tonight.  The weather is bad here as it has rained off and on all day.

Thanks for Praying.