Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Rain Rain Rain---Lake Effect Snow for Friday


Rained all morning so I read blogs and watched a movie.  After lunch I got a shower and got ready for court, its my month.  I did go out and get the mail and a new Motorhome Magazine came with a story about the Dish Tailgater antenna so I will have to read that.

Slow but interesting night at court and then home, and a little TV.  Pretty boring day overall


Lots to do today but not much of it is exciting.

I headed off to the Post Office and bank and then stopped up at court for a couple hours.  Then home for lunch and watched a movie.

NWS just posted an alert for freezing drizzle tonight.  Just as I am here waiting for Bonnie to get home so we can head to WW and then into Salvatores for a customer appreciation dinner.  Our financial advisor does this every year.  Last year the weather was so bad here that we did not go.  Actually it seems like it is raining or snowing every year for this event.

Time for bed now.  Lots of fog on the way into the dinner, fantastic dinner and a great program.  Clear on the way home no rain, no snow, and only the last mile was foggy.

Just heard the forecast for Lake Effect snow on Friday.  If it does not rain tomorrow I will try to put the blower on the tractor.  Been nice so far, we usually have had 18 inches of snow fall by this time of the year.

Bonnie got to hold the new baby

The banquet hall


I hope to get a lot done today.  It is raining and just above freezing but I can work in the garage to get the loader off the tractor and the snow blower on along with the tire chains.  If all goes well it should take less than a couple hours.

Wow was I a klutz today.  Three hours later and I am back in the house.  First thing I did was open my Craftsman tool kit upside down.  30 minutes later I had it sorted out and back together.  First job was to take and store the loader where I can get at it if I need it.

Hope I will not need it until Spring
Then I put the blower on the front of the tractor and the tire chains on the back tires.

All set and ready for the winter.
Then I took the small blower up on the deck and and made sure it started, sure is getting cold out, wow down to 32.  Time for lunch and maybe a movie.  I watched the movie Alaska, even stayed awake.

After Bonnie got home I grilled some Italian sausage on the grill, she made cole slaw and baked some frozen french fries, it was a good meal.  Then I headed for church to work on a couple projects.  Elizabeth and Alexus came over and worked on some jewelry project and were just leaving when I got home.
We watched a little TV and now its time for some sleep.

BTW the NWS has issued a snow warning for tomorrow night.

Thats it from here Thanks for Checking in.