Sunday, December 25, 2011

I'll be home for Christmas


Well yesterday evening was quite an event.  First Thank You to all our friends on Facebook and our Blog that responded to our request for Prayer, God Always Answers them.  Dad is home safe and says whats the big deal.  So our family has some work to do there, more Prayers will be needed for wisdom.  None of us got much rest last night and I managed to rollover several times and not get up until almost 10.

So today life is returning to normal for the most part, still some loose ends to deal with.  Mom and Dad went to the Fit Stop to do their exercises and I did the towels since it's Thursday.

Bonnie and I have started to plan a trip out west.  Last night she gave me a list of places she would like to see in South Dakota.  So I got out my Dell Laptop to start plotting them on MS Streets and Trips.  However I am still in the wait mode as it had 26 updates to download and install and then run a backup.  But after that I should be ready to start.

Lots of updates to download

Well it took a couple hours but the updates all installed without a problem.  I plotted all the locations on the map just as Bonnie got home.  Then we headed into Elizabeths for supper and to let Alexus know that they were leaving in the morning for Virginia for Christmas.  I think she was a bit confused and not really sure how she felt.  But she did end up excited to be going and being able to open a couple presents early sure seemed to help.  So they will be leaving early in the morning hoping to be in Arlington, VA by noon.

We came home made a couple phone calls and watched a little TV.  I am calling it a night early to catch up on some sleep.


I am thankful for a good nights sleep.  I hear many friends say they do not sleep well.  I have a good nights sleep 99% of the time so am thankful for that.

Today is laundry day so I got up and started that right away.  I had a couple update texts from Alexus on their trip to Virginia should hear soon that they are there.

Looks like one of Emily's friends was at the back door

The squirrels are back under the bird feeder and the ground is now covered in snow again, they say it will melt by Christmas.

Perhaps he is the one that peeked in the door

I just got a text the girls are safely in Virginia.  I also got a call to take a few pictures of a grinding job at the the logging company so I am off to do that on my way to court.

Grinding up mulch
Another view

Well I am back from court and its almost 2pm, better finish up the laundry.

Todays view down the driveway

Our little creek

The snow was beautiful on the trees
Wow where does the time go its almost 4 and I have a party to be at in Attica, heading that way.

I had a nice time at the party it was good to see everyone and catch up on whats been happening.  Bonnie was to meet me there but somehow she forgot.  Well time for a little relaxing and maybe watch a movie.

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve


Nice and sunny this morning but still below freezing we will have a snow covered yard for Christmas.
Not much on my schedule for today.  Just have to run in and feed the cats at Elizabeth's then load up the car and travel over to Holland for Christmas Eve with the family.

The cats were in good shape and really did not seem that happy to see me.  I spent a little time with them, they pretty much ignored me so I headed home.

We loaded up the car with presents and food and headed over to Holland.  We had a great evening, good food and good visits.  Friends and family from as far away as Mississippi were there.  Also New York City and Pennsylvania.  All the college kids were home too.  All in all a great time.

Bonnie visits with her Dad, he said he was cold

Mom got a CRUZ tablet to mainly hold all her pictures.

Carol ran the gift exchange where you could pick a gift from the table or take one someone else had already opened.
The weather cooperated and it is the first year I can remember that we did not have a lot of snow at her house when we did this.  Think I will head to bed an listen for the sleigh bells.


Merry Christmas its the Birthday of The King.

We were off to church this morning and soon to dinner with some of the family.  I hope you are enjoying time with your family.

Here is a picture of the girls in Virginia, they are home tomorrow and we will open presents with them tomorrow.

The deer are out back enjoying their Christmas Lunch
Thanks for Checking In.