Sunday, December 11, 2011

Lake Effect, Baby its Cold Outside!


Bright and cold this morning.  With the sun out I will try to get down to fill up gas and diesel cans.  Good news is that the birds have found the repaired feeder before the first snow.  Although we did have a trace of snow overnight.

Washed the towels this morning and the deer were feeding out in the back yard this morning.

Wow is it cold out.  I headed down to the garage and fueled up the John Deere.

Topped off the tank.
Then I headed down to town to fill up the fuel cans.

$50 worth of gas and diesel, all set for the start of winter
I carried the snow shovels up to the basement door and rear deck.  Now its time for lunch and then its Movie time.

Bonnie grocery shopped after work today so after carrying in the food, we had chicken for supper and watched a little TV with one eye on the weather still clear.


Woke up during the night and no snow, but this morning the deck and ground are covered with maybe 1/4 inch.  The radar shows most of the snow for now is North of us.

I ended up working at court about 3 hours today, I was surprised how much work had come in.  No snow yet.

Big news of the day is the new GPS for the MH arrived today.  It is a Rand McNally RVND 7710.  Nice big 7 inch screen and it has features to route a MH the correct way and not under low bridges, etc.  Also a nice database of campgrounds etc.

Bonnie got home onetime and worked on Christmas cards.  Then we watched a little TV and I finally am heading to bed just before mid-night.  Just checked and there is about an inch of snow on the deck.


So we only got about 2 inches of snow overnight, not bad.  Bonnie and her sister are taking stuff over to her sisters booth to sell this morning.  I went out and shoveled snow from in front of the garage and shoveled and put ice melt down on the pathway to the garage.

We have a busy day.  Bonnie is gone with her sister, I am headed to court.  Then Bonnie has a scent party to go to (first time I have heard of these).  I will bake the corn spoon bread.  Then along about 3:30PM we will head to N. Tonawanda for the Holiday Rambler Christmas party.  Looking forward to seeing everyone.  Forecast is for decent weather today so that is good, it was 21 when I got up this morning.

Bonnie got home from Arcade and headed out for the scent party.  I mixed up the Corn Spoon Bread about 2:00pm and and put it in the oven to bake so it would be ready by 3:30 when we wanted to leave.  Well I guess it over flowed the dish it was baking in and started to smoke in the oven.  Then the smoke detectors went off.  I pushed the hush mode button but that would only work for a minute or two.  So the last thirty minutes we put up with the smoke alarms as they are all hooked together.

We had a nice get together with the club and about 22 people showed up and the food, desserts were good as they always are.  We also did a white elephant gift exchange.

Early arrivals


Wendy collecting next years dues

Lots of good conversation with friends

Joni looks happy with her gift
We also held elections and I was elected as the secretary.  It was cold out when we headed home, but we still stopped at Flying J for gas as it is 15 cents a gallon cheaper than here near the house.

Finally home and time for some rest.


Up early for church and then straight home.

We had stuffed chicken breasts for lunch and yes the smoke detectors went off again.  We are watching the movie Bucket List again and then around 4pm heading over to Elizabeth's for a visit and supper.  Its up to 34 degrees today.

After a short nap this afternoon we headed over to Elizabeths.  She made a lasagna soup recipe I had seen on line and boy was it good, I had two bowls.  Alexus baked some cookies for dessert and we watched a little TV.  Now we are home and Bonnie has headed for bed.  I will get this posted and watch a little TV.

Thanks for Checking In.