Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The weatherman was right!


Woke up to a blanket of snow this morning and it continues to snow.  It is just above freezing and should warm up a little today.  We have a couple inches on the deck but I believe most of the roads are clear.  Guess I should turn the news on.  It is sticking to the trees so I hope it changes over to rain and melts the snow off the trees.

We hate to see this in April

I did decide last night on a date to go visit my sister.  She had knee surgery a few weeks ago and will be off work for a few more weeks.  So I am headed down there in 2 weeks I think it is.

We also are planning a family vacation to Disney in September, so all are getting excited about that.

But for today I will be content with doing the wash, watching it snow, and then court tonight.

Its been a lazy day but interesting in watching the snow.  It has been above freezing all day but snowed constantly heavy at times.   There is at least 4 maybe 5 inches still on the deck.  So with what has melted I would say we have gotten close to 10 inches.  Well off to court.


I woke up this morning it seems to be pretty bright out.  Still some light snow coming down.  There is a good 8 inches or more still on the deck and again it stayed just above freezing all night.  We have a couple branches down in the yard and some bent over trees.  I am sure there are more down in the woods.

Out back the small tree is half its former height.
And one up the hill

 So hopefully the snow is about done and the sun will be back tomorrow and melt all this snow.

Well it snowed off and on most of the day but not much really came down.  I made it to the post office, bank and court.  Now its about time to head for East Aurora.  I notice a lot of leaning trees in the woods so will have a lot to clean up in our woods I am sure.  It is interesting how bright all the green leaves look against the white snow, quite pretty.

It was raining pretty hard when we headed into East Aurora for our WW meeting.  After the meeting we picked up subway and headed to Elizabeths.  After supper we called Robby and Ashley and confirmed the dates for a family vacation to Disney World.  We were able to book our flights and our vacation package.  So come September we will be headed south to Orlando.  We did not get home until after 10 but the rain had pretty much stopped and its still above freezing so thats good.  Not much else to say tonight but good night.


Nice and sunny at 7:20 when I got up.  Better get started I have a lot to do today.  It is to be in the 50's today so a lot if not most of the snow should melt.

Lets see how much of this melts by this afternoon
It looks like the River Birch that was bent in half yesterday has rebounded well.

Standing tall again
I was able to make an appointment for an oil change and tire rotation for tomorrow, I have a coupon for a good price.  Then I talked to a friend that is recuperating at home with some back and hip problems, hope he can get back to work quickly.

Today is the day for Bonnie to put in her retirement papers with the state and we have an appointment downtown to make sure all goes smoothly.

Bonnie left work early and we headed to downtown Buffalo right at 2pm.  We pulled into the parking garage about 2:40.

Took a picture to remember where we parked
 This is the state building where we were headed for the retirement consultation.

We entered through security and up to the 5th floor
 We got a good view of Buffalo City Hall as we walked to the building.

City Hall
We checked in and sat down but it was a short wait.

Bonnie looks happy to be putting in her retirement papers
 I think we actually started talking to the counselor a few minutes early.  She was nice and was able to effortlessly answer all our questions.  She said the state has 85 retirement plans and 6 tiers.  We had a good experience and Bonnie's papers are all submitted now.  June 22nd will be her last day at work and August 1st will be her first retirement check.

After the meeting we headed over to Buffalo City Mission and Elizabeth gave Bonnie a tour and we were able to meet her boss and several other of the staff.

Then we headed out to Elba for a meeting with our financial councilor which we have about every 6 months.  We meet at his house so it is more of a friendly visit than it is a meeting.  Then we had to stop and drop off a few things for Alexus and finally got home around 7:30pm.  Lots of the snow has melted but I am not sure it will all be gone by the end of tomorrow.

This is the roof at 7:30 tonight 12 hours after the morning picture.
I fired up the grill and did some marinated chicken.  Bonnie made tossed salad and then cut up the chicken and put it on top.  We are catching up on TV and then off to bed.

Thats about it for the first half of this week.  Thanks for Checking In.