Sunday, April 22, 2012

TV install, Move that dirt and SNOW!


I must have needed the sleep as I slept right up till 9am this morning and it was bright and sunny out.
Last night I did check and the new flag light worked well, I will try to take a picture of it and post it.  Lots of things on my todo list not exactly sure what I am going to do yet.  UPS has been here already this morning with a box for Bonnie.

Headed out to the MH around 11 to study the TV install.  I tried a few things and decided it looked doable by myself with a few clamps.  So I cut a piece of luan plywood for the floor of the box and installed that.  Then mounted the articulating arm and placed some velcro on the back of the TV.  It looks pretty good, the real tests will be to see how it travels and how it works on the inverter.

Looks pretty good, still need to build the box on the bottom for the DVD player.
Then I decided I would adjust the scissors latch on the front door of the MH so it would stay open better.  I tried to use a ball-peen hammer to tighten the pivot rivet but that did not work.  So I decided to try "adjusting" the arms themselves.

The pipe wrenches did the trick and the door works good now.
 By now it was after 3 and I had not stopped for lunch.  It was a beautiful day so I jumped on the tractor to move this pile of dirt to make room for a load of mulch.

This is a bigger pile of dirt than it looks
 It took almost 2 hours but I got it moved.  FedEx showed up while I was moving the pile and brought the filters I ordered for the home generator and MH engine and generator.

Oil and Coolant Filters from
Been ordering my filters from for a while now.  Free shipping if you order over $100, so I get enough for two years.

Moved to the back edge of this area.
Finally came in and got a shower.  Not sure when Bonnie will bet home, she is getting a hair cut, I did hear her tell Elizabeth she should be home by 5:30pm.  Now 6:40pm no Bonnie, guess I will make some supper.

Bonnie came in after 7 she went out with one of the girls for supper.  Thats about it for tonight.


Up early this morning nice and sunny.  Had my breakfast and took care of some business for our camping club.

Then I headed over to Attica to work on a couple computers.  Finished that up and ran into Bill and Jeff our friends and  contractors that worked on the house last spring.  They will be working close by and maybe able to do some concrete work for us in a few weeks.

Headed to court then for the rest of the afternoon as I needed to upgrade the virus software on our computers up there.  That all went well and I got home around 4.  I had a movie here called Dolphin Tales so I watched that.

Bonnie got home late again so supper was on my own again.  Catching up on a little TV again tonight.


Woke early this am to the sound of rain and its still pretty dark out.  Bonnie left before 8 to go buy plants and I am leaving shortly for a work day over at church.  Will be able to stay a while and then head for court.

I spent a couple hours at church lots of folks showed up and there was a lot of cleaning and painting and a some electrical work going on.

Running a new outlet

Lots of painting took place
I left there and went to check on the backup at the logging company and adjusted a few things there.  Then up to court for a couple hours.  Home now and showered and cleaned up.  We are heading to Bath soon for a dinner concert by Legacy Five.

We drove down to Bath takes about an hour and a half.  We got there just as they opened the doors.  Found our table and to our surprise we were front and center.

Bonne and her sister Carol, the rest of the tables were soon full

We had great seats, very talented and funny group.
The roads were wet but the rain had pretty much stopped.  Now there is a snow watch for 8-16 inches of snow starting tomorrow night.  We made it home around 11:30.  Carol decided to stay over and the girls have already headed to bed.  I think I will follow along soon.


Up this morning and its still raining.  We are also under a Winter-storm Watch.  Could get up to 16 inches of heavy wet snow.  Not good for the trees that already have leaves on them.  We all had coffee and talked a little before Carol headed home and we headed to church.  I did tune in the weather channel and they were interviewing the weather service workers here in Buffalo, guess they are pretty sure we are getting a lot of snow.

Lazy day after church I napped as I tried to watch some TV guess I am tired from a late night last night.

Now we are under a Winter-storm WARNING which means its coming for sure.  I guess its part of the big storm on the East Coast a Nor'easter.  Its not to start now till after midnight but last a whole day.

Guess we will watch a little TV and wait until morning to see what happens.  At least it is not to get all that cold.

Have a good week and Thanks for Checking In.