Sunday, April 29, 2012

Have we seen the last of the snow


Good morning at least it is not raining yet this morning.  I have an appointment in Attica for an oil change this morning so need to get a move on.

The new waiting area at Upstate Chevy

Well I got my oil change and tires rotated.  Then it was time to get the fuel system serviced so I went ahead and did that also, sure smelled just like gummout when they were finished.  But I can attest to the fact that it cost a lot more.  Then I went over to church to copy the Sermon from Sunday so I could upload it, but for some reason it did not get recorded.  Then over to D&D Logging to work on some computer and IT issues.  Spent a few hours there and got quite a bit done.

Came home and waited for Bonnie to get home with the groceries and helped her carry those in.  Then grilled some burgers while she made the rest of the meal.  Them we watched our recordings and talked about extending our Florida trip in September for an additional week.  We hope to finalize that by this weekend.

Time for a little reading now and then some sleep as I greet the arrival of Friday.


Cold and pretty dark out when I got up this morning.  There is still snow left on the garage roof.  It also snowed a little overnight as I could see it on the deck.

Will be a slow melt today
It barely got out of the 30s today.  The forecast is for just below freezing tonight again.  It was a pretty slow day.  I ventured out and went up to court for a few hours and once I got home turned on TV and got a short nap.  I did get a pork loan prepared with rub and put in the fridge.  I will put it on the smoker in the morning for about 8 or 9 hours with some maple smoke or maybe mesquite.

Elizabeth and Alexus came for supper.  We had pork, potatoes, and beets a delicious meal.  Then we had banana pudding with vanilla wavers, very good.  We watched a movie and then a little TV.

Down to 34 at 9:30 so I went out and set the furnace in the MH to come on at 40.  I also turned the wet bay heater on it comes on at 40 also and was running.  Inside the coach was still at 43.  Crazy weather.


Woke up this morning and checked that the temp did get down to 29 last night.  It is up to 50 some today and the sun was out most of the day.  I turned the furnace off in the MH.  I had it set at 40 and the low on the thermometer said 38.

As I was having my coffee I heard a smoke detector start to chirp.  I guess its about time as they have been in about a year.  I checked the one in the basement as that seemed to be where the chirp was coming from.  I changed batteries, swapped detectors and then checked the wiring.  All seemed good.  I got my meter and checked the battery voltage and it was good.  I am now at about an hour of trying to find the chirp.  Finally I found it.  Jeff got me again, it was one of the old ones that we had taken down last year.  I found it laying on a table with Bonnie's stuff.  I removed the battery and tossed it i the trash, No More Chirp.

I set up the smoker and put the pork loin into smoke.  I decided on maple and set it 190 with 3 hours of smoke.

Then I headed up to court and was done there in about an hour.  So back home and changed clothes.  The weather was just right so I decided to cut and clean up the limbs that had fallen in the yard.

All cut up

Another load of brush headed for the pile
Bonnie worked on cleaning up the flower beds and after I cleaned up the limbs we loaded up what she had cleaned out and hauled it to the brush pile.  Now in the house and checked on the Pork, its coming along nicely.

Time to relax and watch a little TV and read some email.  Supposed to freeze again tonight so I turned on the MH furnace at 40 again.  Pork is done plan to eat some of it tomorrow.  The snow all melted off the roof today.


Beautiful sunny morning, cold with frost on the roofs and grass.  Promise from the weather folks is into the fifties today.  Soon we will be off to church and then split up for the afternoon.
I am getting a haircut and Bonnie is spending hers with Alexus, both are getting beauty treatments, neither one needs one, they are both beautiful.

After church I headed over to my SIL's for my haircut and lunch, hard to beat a combination like that.  I got to spend some time with my nieces son also, he is quite the talker now and is learning to ride his bike with his grandmothers help.

He is doing great.
 I headed home mid afternoon and actually got a little nap.  The girls showed up and we had a piece of pizza.  Then we broke out the smoked pork loin, Bonnie added squash, and potatoes.  Boy was it good, everyone enjoyed it.

Maple smoked pork
Well thats about it.  We watched a couple episodes of the Duck Dynasty and the girls headed home.  Its been a bit cold but its been a great week.

Thanks for Checking In.