Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Busy week Lots to do


A bit overcast today but not raining.  That means I better cut some grass. Lots on the calendar this week and next it seems.

Bonnie has a Dr. Appointment this morning so she was up at 8.  We called the State Retirement for a consultation appointment and we will file her papers that day, April 25th.  We wanted to go to Rochester but they are booked until past June and she is retiring in June so we are going downtown Buffalo.  Never liked going down there its a maze in the area we have to go to.

I also started the wash and did the dishes.  Now its time to head out and cut some grass, but where to begin?

Hooked up the roller to the lawn tractor and cut all the grass and rolled it.  Time for lunch.

Hooked up and ready to roll

Lots of Dandelions out back
After lunch I folded the dry clothes and then decided I had time to take the snow blower off the tractor and put the loader on.

Snowblower off just need to remove the adapter.
Washed off and stored for summer
The whole process would have only taken about 45 minutes but I had one bolt on the adapter that would not come loose.  I used a big wrench and a hammer but no luck.  So I got out the PB Blaster and had it loose in two minutes.  Just spray it on and wait a minute or two.  Put the wrench on and gave it a tap with the hammer and it was loose.  The impact wrench would not even loosen it before the PB Blaster did its job.

All set for the summer
I tried it out by turning over the mulch and then put a couple buckets of stone and dirt in some wash-outs.   All worked fine.  Time to hit the rain locker and then head to court.  Looks like we may get some rain, the sky is pretty dark.

It did rain a little and it got windy.  Short night at court and then in to Elizabeths for steaks on the grill.  Did not stay long and home for one TV show and now time to read and sleep.


Not too much going on today.  Up early and did a load of wash.  Then off to court for a couple hours.  Home after lunch time so just had a snack.

Then worked on the MH some and tightened the nuts on the axle cover to 90 ft/lbs with a torque wrench the were pretty loose.  Cleaned up the gear oil on the wheel and will see what happens on the next trip.

Then Bonnie and I headed off to have dinner with a group of my high school class mates at the Fireside in Lancaster.

Karl(drove up from Delaware and Dan both retired this last year.

Paul and Joyce our class artists.  Both are doing a lot to but together our 45th reunion this summer.
We got home just after dark.  I had put out some solar light s to charge today and they seem to be working. Bonnie and I watched a little TV and then off to bed to read a bit and then head off to dream land.


Sunny this morning but in the low 30's, thats right 30's.  I did not even think about going out until after lunch.  Then I headed over to Attica to work on some computers.  Then back home.  I put some solar lights together for Bonnie.  I got the flag pole ready to put up and then the UPS truck brought the new solar light for the top of the pole to keep the flag lighted.

The flagpole is in four pieces

This is the light at the top of pole

Good to have the Flag and the Navy flag up for the summer again

  UPS also brought the mount for the TV in the motorhome so I spent some time studying that also.  Will have to do a little modification and reenforcement before I install it.  Bonnie got home and I headed in to the house.  Supper and some TV.

Where did the night go guess I better get the blog update posted.

Thanks for Checking In.