Sunday, April 15, 2012

Trees and TV's


Nice and sunny this morning.  Not sure what we will do today.
Had a lazy morning and then after lunch decided it was nice enough to go out and cut up the tree that was in the edge of the woods.  Its cherry so will make good fire wood.  So I loaded up the saw and hard hat.

Another good use for the Ranger
 Just as we got loaded up the phone rang.  Elizabeth was headed to the hospital for a CAT scan.  Seems she banged her head when she stood up the other night and was still not feeling right.  We would keep in touch by phone.

This was the main tree the big branch was already cut up

Alexus caught me resting after cutting up the main trunk
 Then we loaded everything up, took three trips in all and it made a nice little pile.  We also cleaned up most of the smaller branches and hauled them to the brush pile.

This tree fell a couple years ago and was hung up in another tree until last fall, its finally taken care of
Elizabeth called and she has a concussion so is coming out and then picking up Alexus so she will not be alone at home tonight and the DR told her to not work until Monday.  Maybe we will all watch the movie Water for Elephants tonight.  I think I am the only one that has read the book.


Another sunny morning I could get used to this.  I made a list and headed to Attica to look for light bulbs for the kitchen lights.  Ace did not have them so headed to Home Depot in Batavia, no luck there either.  I also was looking for TV's for the MH.  I did find one to replace the one in the bedroom.  Since I was in Batavia I called some camping friends to look at their new TV install.  They were on their way to McDonalds for lunch and since I had not eaten I joined them there.  We had a nice visit and after lunch Bob and I went back to his house to look at his install and Caroline went shopping.  She had a knee replacement about 9 or 10 weeks ago and is doing super.

Bob and I had a nice visit and I learned a lot from looking at what he has done in his MH and it gave me some good ideas like make sure the speakers are in the front.  The time passed quickly and it was after 4 when I headed home.  Once home I put the new TV back into the bedroom.  I am not sure I like the way it looks and my reinstall it later.  It worked great and picked up the Rochester stations which the other one did not.  I cleaned up and headed in to wait for Bonnie.

Old broken TV is gone

New one is in but I think it sits back in the hole to far.
We are have a quiet evening at home again catching up on the recorded TV's.  Still have to find some light bulbs.


Dark when I got up this morning, very overcast day.  Had my breakfast and then headed up to court.  But first I stopped at the RV and removed the old TV in the front overhead.

All Gone

Big empty box with lots of wires.
I only had to spend about an hour at court and then I headed for the Lowe's in Orchard Park.  I was able to find the light bulbs I needed for the kitchen lights I needed 3 so I bought 6 and saved a little with my Veterans discount.

Then I headed over to another Walmart to look at TVs for the front of the MH.  No luck.  I was close to SAMS so I headed over there and was able to pick up a 26 inch Vizio, the larger brother to the one I bought for the bedroom.  These are good for the MH in that the have the speakers on the front of the TV.  Shopping done I headed for home.

I unpacked the TV and set it in the box and now need to get Bonnie's ideas about how we want it mounted.

It works now to mount it and trim it out.
Heard from Bonnie she was on her way home from a bridal shower but needed to pickup some groceries for Elizabeth and drop them off.


Overcast again this morning.  Looks like it was a bad evening for the midwest yesterday, now a lot of that weather is headed our way.   Looks like it will hit while we are at church.  By the time it dries out again our grass will be extra long.  We have been traveling and away from our home church for about 4 weeks it will be nice to get back there this morning.

I ordered a mount for the TV last night off Amazon so it should be here Tuesday, got to love the free 2 day shipping with Amazon Prime.

Not much to say about today.  It stayed wet all day but never really rained much.  We napped and watched TV.  Not much on there either.

Looks like once it dries up a little the grass will get its first cutting of the year and maybe rolled at the same time.

Well thats about it for this week.  Thanks For Checking In.