Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Alexus visits


Another nice sunny morning.  Bonnie is off to work and Alexus is still in bed.

I finally knocked on her door and said I could use some help in the yard.  I headed out to pick up sticks in the yard.  Figured it was her vacation but thought she should at least get up.  I started picking up the branches and noticed she had come out and started helping me. :).  So she was the designated driver for moving the Ranger as we finished up the whole yard before lunch.

Designated Driver
There are still a few things to do, but they require the chain saw so I will have to get that checked out and cut up the larger limbs that landed at the edge of the yard and a tree or two that have blown over.  I came in and cut up the pork butt and put it in glad containers.  Alexus came out to the kitchen saying "What smells so Good".  I gave her a piece and she thought it was so good.

I'm off for a meeting in Warsaw.  We have started the wash so hopefully Alexus will keep that going.
Home again and I had a nice visit and most of the wash is done.

Good supper of left overs and now some TV and reading.


Sunny and windy this morning.  After breakfast I headed for court and then the post office and the bank.  Stopped to snap a couple pictures on the way to the truck.

Outside the basement door

Glad this came out the wind had it moving around
I spent a couple hours at court and then home for lunch.

Then I ran over to Attica to help with some computer issues.  Bonnie was home when I got here and she had brought pizza for supper.  It was good and Alexus had been asking for it so she was happy.  Bonnie caught up on some TV and now she is off to Arcade for her eye exam.  Just me and Alexus here this evening.  During supper it was snowing out, not hard but good sized flakes.  Hope it does not get too cold tonight.

Alexus and I watch some TV and tried to answer the questions on Jeopardy.  Bonnie got home and now all except me have gone to bed time to do a little reading.


Woke up this morning to snow, the roofs were all covered and some of the trees.

At least it did not stick on the ground
I have not felt very good all day so have been taking it easy and napping some.  Alexus got up on her own and has been using her computer since noon.

Still not feeling great my stomach has been churning most of the day.  Bonnie and Alexus are making cupcakes tonight and then we are having some of the smoked pork for supper.  Then we hope a quiet night.

Thats about it for the midweek update.  Thanks for checking in.