Sunday, April 8, 2012

When will it warm up again


Sleep in till 8 this morning, my back is sore.  Guess thats from horsing around the snowblowers yesterday.  I tried to take it easy this morning as it was only 33 out and not sunny.

I did eventually go out late in the morning and picked up the branches in the front yard.  I still have the back to do and up on the hill.

Only one really long one

Lots of small ones
The grass is starting to grow and parts of the yard could stand to be cut now.  I thought that the bending and stretching would help my back, but it has had the opposite effect.  So I am back to trying to take it easy.  Hope I feel better tomorrow as I am to help Elizabeth move some things.

Bonnie is shopping today so dinner will be late.  She was home before I figured and lots of groceries.  Then supper and now a little TV and then some reading.  I have been getting to bed earlier since we got home.  It is to be another night in the low 30s.  So its soon off to bed to read and rest.


Cold morning again.  Plan for the day is to go to Elizabeths and move some things she is getting from a friend that is moving.  She is to call when the water system people show up.  Then I have to hook up the trailer and load a few things and head to her house.

Well almost 11 and they are a no show.  So I went out hooked up the trailer and loaded the garden way cart and dirt screen.  Got to Elizabeths and unloaded then off to her friends.  Once there we loaded a love seat, foot stool, treadmill, and another small couch.  My back was bothering me so I was not much help.  We headed home and unloaded.  All was good leg is missing off the Love Seat.  We had a quick sandwich and jumped in to the car to retrace our path.  I think we all said a prayer that we would be able to find it.  We got into East Aurora and there it was laying on the edge of the road.  Alexus jumped out and ran back to get it.

So happy we found it
I headed home and Bonnie got home on time.  She had bought a pork butt yesterday so I put the rub on it and wrapped it and its in the refrigerator for the night.  Plan for tomorrow is to smoke it and a ham for Easter.  Hoping now for a quiet evening at home, maybe watch a movie.


Nice sunny cool day so far here.  Once Bonnie got up I got busy and got the smoker fired up and the ham and pork butt ready to go into the smoker.  Elizabeth wanted the spiral cut ham smoked and then we will reheat it tomorrow.

Adding nothing but Hickory Smoke to the Ham
Pork Butt has Pappy's Rub and has sat overnight now 6 or so hours in the Bradley

Once I get the meat in the smoker I am headed to court for a couple hours.  All set up and ready to go.

Ready for 4 hours of smoke 
At the start of 5 1/2 hour cycle
The rest of the day was pretty routine.  Now after supper we are catching up on the recordings and then bed after a little reading.


Started the morning off headed to Java Village for the Sunrise Service at Bonnie's parents church.  We have been doing this since we moved back here.  We got there just as Pastor Norm did and so got a picture with him.

In front of the church
 Two of Bonnie's sisters were also there and one of her brothers.  The service is followed by a nice pancake breakfast with fresh maple syrup.  They always do a nice job and have plenty to eat.

Mom and Dad and brother Alan

It was so good can you tell its seconds
After church Bonnie went to her one sisters and I went to the other one to set up the TV we had sold her to receive digital channels without the converter box.  Two of my nieces and their families were there also.

Jackson and his Ducky mom Carissa

Easter Egg hunt for Jackson he finds the first one

He had lots of help and was very excited

He found a whole bucket full
After the egg hunt there were enough people and time to put the dock into the pond for the season.

Everyone on 3 heave-ho

All set for the summer
Then I picked up Bonnie and we headed into Elizabeths for our Easter dinner.  We had the smoked ham, cauliflower, biscuits, and coleslaw.  I was still pretty full from breakfast.

The ham was a big hit and everyone had seconds
Time for a nap in the recliner was in order and then we headed home.  Alexus is spending the week with us and she and Bonnie are out planting a few flowers.  Time for me to catch up on the Master's and maybe another nap.

A former co-worker had a heart attack up in Alaska he is doing ok but has a tough road ahead of him for recovery, Please add Rich to your Prayer List.

Thats about it from here this week.  Thanks for Checking in.