Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Back to Home and Routines


Up and back to some of my routines.  Oatmeal and a banana 2 cups of coffee.  But then I broke routine and started on wash on a Monday.  We had all the trip clothes and linens to do especially since we now had water again with the new pump.  So 3rd load is in and I am catching up on more of the TV we recorded.  I have court tonight and so will keep picking away at all the things that I need to catch up on here.

Here are a few of the numbers from the trip.

We drove 1887 miles and towed the Honda CR-V all but about 9 of those.

We were gone 14 nights and spent 2 nights in a driveway and 12 nights in campgrounds at a cost of $226 or $16.14 a night.

We bought 163 gallons of diesel for $662 and averaged right at 10 miles per gal. (The tank is down 20 gal so we used 183 gallons)

We ate mostly the food we took from home but did eat out about 4 times for about $100.

So thats about $988 for the trip plus some misc cash we spent so lets call it $1000.  That would be about $71.42 a day.

So you can see its a pretty economical way to travel.  We could not drive the car, eat out, and stay in a hotel for $71.42 a day.

Court was mostly paperwork tonight and more to do tomorrow.  Bonnie watched some of her recorded shows and now I will catch up on mine for a couple hours.


Phone rang early this morning, someone missed the bus.  Bonnie answered the phone and helped her.

Cold night but its nice and sunny now.  Things to do around the house this morning then court work this afternoon.  Had a lazy morning then some lunch.  I did get a few things done and then got ready to head out.  As I was finishing up collecting the trash the propane truck backed in.  I talked to the driver and asked if he would top off the MotorHome propane and he said sure.  We had used it a little on the trip and did not get any propane last year.  It only took 9 gallons, but we are all set again.  He chatted a while with me and then left.

I hoped in the truck dropped off the trash and recycle bin at the road and headed for the post office.  Did that and some banking and then up to court.  Finished up the paperwork up there and came home.  I started to disassemble the old pump and was surprised that the old fitting with the hole in it came out easily.  I hope to clean it up and keep it as a spare.  Now its time to head for WW and face the music after almost 3 weeks of vacation.  I am happy gained less than 2 lbs.

Then a delicious supper at Elizabeths and heard her plans for me on Friday.  The hamburgers were really good, I ate two and feel really full.

Back to the house and a little TV before bed.  Once I get my Kindle back from Bonnie I have a couple books I want to read.


Good nights sleep and up just as Bonnie left for work.  She finished her book and returned the Kindle last night and I started to read 11/22/63.

I called Wal-Mart as the TV in the coaches bedroom had stopped working.  For some reason I had bought the $20 extended warranty.  After navigating the phone tree twice, the first time I had to go get the receipt out of the coach, I got a real person.  It is not worth fixing so they are refunding the $228plus tax that we paid and we can do what we want with the TV.  I did check on line and there have been a lot of failures so guess we are in the Market for a new TV once the check comes.  We also plan to replace the one in the front this year so we do not need to use the converter box.  So we got two years worth of use out of it for $20.

I went outside and got busy.  The Ranger did not start good again weak battery.  I left it running and used it to bring down the snowblower and shovels off the deck.  Then I emptied the fuel out of both snowblowers and put them down in the shed for the summer.

Small blower I use on the deck

Use this one around the garage and basement door

In the shed for the summer

Then I took the battery out of the Ranger and headed to Warsaw to get a replacement.

Took out the old battery

Could not find one exactly like this one.
I stopped at NAPA to get a gasket for the axle cover on the MH but they did not have one.  Then over to the DMV and renewed the registration on the trailer as I need it Friday morning to help move some stuff for Elizabeth.  Then over to Tractor Supply to pick up a battery.  I was able to get one that is a little bigger than the one I took out.  I had to modify the battery box but it has more power and fits securely and saved about $60 over the special battery.

I cleaned up things and headed in for a shower.  Just waiting for Bonnie to get home.  Tonight we are working on her application for her State Retirement.  Got her registered now we have to wait for a password.  Spent a quiet evening together.

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