Sunday, June 3, 2012

End of May and the start of June


Up before 8am crisp 55 degrees out and nice and sunny.  Phone rings, Elizabeth has a thumping in her car, can I pick her up after work at the dealership, sure.  Phone rings again she is at the place that put her tires on a while back, she things her axle is broke, she cries, I tell her it will be alright.  Drinking my coffee preparing to go get her and take her to work if need be.  Phone rings again, the lug nuts are loose on one wheel.  They remind her that you need to recheck them after you put wheels on as they are aluminum, actually its on the work order she signed off on.  So she will stop again tonight to have them checked.  Crisis averted with a simple solution, and she caught it quickly so no damage was done.  Thankfully.

I went out to put my spare set of fuel filters in the MH.  I like to carry a spare set just in case.  I ended up jumping on the Ranger and going around the upper edge of the yard trimming back low hanging branches with the hand loppers.  Lots of vines also.  Then I came in and took my second shower of the day, just in case I got into any poison ivy.  Bonnie got a good dose of it a couple weeks ago and is having to take a second course of prednisone to try to beat it.

Did some more research for the July trip and caught up on some programs.  I have been watching The Hatfields and McCoys on the History Channel and finished it today.

Thats it for today, some reading and sleep.  Tomorrow is the campout.


Rain Rain Rain

Hard to get motivated to load up the MH and head over to the campground.  We are camping nearby at the Beaver Meadows campground so it is only about 20 minutes to get over there.  It has been raining off and on all morning so I am hoping for a break in the weather to be able to head on over there.  It would be nice to be over there around noon or shortly after that.  Tomorrow is to be a better day so that sounds good.

I spent the morning catching up on things around here and reading my email and blogs, just finished my second cup of coffee so I can get stuff ready to carry out to the MH.

I took advantage of a break in the rain just after 11am.  I loaded the stuff into the coach just as it started to rain again.  Then I started u and headed to the campground.  I had a whole 11 miles to go.  When I got there the Parkhill's had already arrived but the office was closed.  So we pulled into the gravel sites at the top of the upper camping area.  About an hour later the office opened by that time 2 of the other units were here and the 5th unit pulled in while we registering.  We all got set up and chatted a bit.

The Welcome sign

Nice to see the new gravel and the flags waving as we pull in
Nice new gravel sites

All of us are set up

Then it was happy hour and we headed over to the activities building for some snacks and time to chat and catch up on what everyone had been doing all winter.

Very nice building we can use for our meals and games
Bonnie got out of work on time and came in just as it began to rain hard again.  We decided to head out for a fish fry and headed to Bryncliff for their salad bar and fish.  Afterward we drove by the Lodge so everyone could see where it was.  Then back to the campground.  It was raining hard when we got back so plans to play cards were changed and everyone decided to stay in for the night.  We checked out our new TV's and they worked well and pulled in quite a few stations up here on the hill.


Lots of wind and rain during the night, not cold but cool.  Still windy and cool this morning.  We had a very good breakfast casserole and everyone had plenty.  Then the garage sale folks were off for the Strykersville Yard Sale, the whole town has a sale at once.

Bonnie led the way to the Yard Sales
They took two cars, 4 woman and 1 guy.  Three of us stayed here and one couple had a memorial to attend.  I took a few pictures and walked up to the office to look around and try their WiFi.  It turned out to be very slow and my phone is doing much better than it.

While the weather is not great it is nice to be here and relax.  The afternoon and evening turned out very nice, just a bit windy.

Gathering for a meal

We had a great dinner and afterward a group of us played a couple card games.  It was a bit chilly for a fire so we did not have one this weekend.  Everyone headed for their rigs around 9:30 or so.  The wind picked up again and sometime during the night it rained again.


Woke up to it pouring rain and it continued as we all headed over for breakfast.

Lots of rain all morning
 Breakfast was another good meal and we all enjoyed it even though we were all soaked by the time we walked over to the activities building.  Just as we finished eating the rain ended and the sun came out for a short while.  By the time we unhooked and got packed up it was raining again.  Some of the group pulled right out and some of us dumped our tanks.  I had a coupling come loose and did the "Backwater Dance".  Not too much of mess to clean up and with the rain it washed the little that was not contained away.

At the dump station in the rain
 Then it was time to head home.  Glad we were only 11 miles from home with the weather we were having.
Lots of rain on route 77.
We got home ho problem, but I did notice that my back axle is still leaking so tightening it did not work.  I will have to tear it apart and get a new gasket and sealant soon, can't have it leak on the big trip.

Back at home we got unloaded in the rain and started drying out. Then Bonnie discovered the lights were not working in the kitchen.  I noticed some of the clocks were flashing so we must have lost power.  I found a breaker tripped in the panel and flipped that, it has happened before during a power outage.  All lights are working again.  I was soaked so jumped in for a hot shower and now hoping to relax.

Alexus had spent the night with us so her mother came out to get her and stayed a little while.  Bonnie's sister, mom and dad are coming over later with some pie so that will be good.

Well the family has left, the rhubarb pie was good, good.  We watched a movie "We Bought a Zoo"  I think we all enjoyed it and watched the end of Funniest Home Videos.

Bonnie is off to bed, I will finish this up and watch a little TV before reading a little and hopefully a good nights sleep.

Thanks For Checking In.