Sunday, June 10, 2012

Jumped off the Wagon


Sunny this morning, no excuse not to work outside today.  But first coffee time and some time to catch up on the blogs.

Was about 70 when I went out and got started.  I decided to finish burying the second down spout drain.
I had used the pick and started yesterday since this one is 10 feet long.  I had tried to remember and find the  end of the old drain but no luck finding it yesterday.

Just need to clean it out
 Well shortly after I started today I found the end of the old drain.  I had only gone about 3 feet so that was good.  I tied into it and then back filled with some of the nice screened dirt.  Seeded it and raked in the seed.  I did have one little problem.  I lost 3 buckets of dirt out the back of the Ranger as I did not fully latch the tail gate.

Put the tools away and then cut the grass out back.  Still pretty wet so I finished it and decided to wait until tomorrow on the front yard.  I watered the new grass seed I had planted and headed in around 2pm for lunch and a little reading.

All done!
Pizza for supper and read some magazines while Bonnie finished up the Hatfield and McCoy series on NatGeo.  Off to bed now


Sunny again this morning.  I had to hurry around and get ready as I had a meeting to go to in Warsaw.  Spent the morning over there and finally headed home at about 1pm.  Had some lunch, wanted to nap but skipped it and mowed the front lawn.  Then I fixed our welcome sign.

Hanging straight again
I got in the house just as Bonnie got home.  We had supper and then decided it would be movie night.

But before the movie I made reservations for us to camp at Red Rock Ponds next weekend for Father's Day.  We were there last year and enjoyed the weekend.

Now for the movie War Horse.


Rained during the night but the sun is out now.  I am headed to court to catch up on some paperwork.  After about 4 hours of paperwork I headed home.

Bonnie and I are headed out for dinner with Elizabeth and Alexus.  Its an early celebration for our 41st anniversary.  We are headed for Grover's home of the cheeseburger soup, 14 oz burgers and onion rings.  Yep we Jumped off the WW wagon for the night.

We shared the cheeseburger soup

They have a bigger burger

The girls enjoyed their burgers

We also shared the onion rings
 We were all pretty full but for some reason we decided to stop at Antoinette's Sweets for some ice cream.  This is a place that started in an old house near where I grew up and has grown.  We used to stop in and ask for a glass of water after playing some sandlot baseball.  Milkshakes used to be 26 cents.  Today's bill was a little more.  It sure was good.

Old fashioned Mexican Sundae
Finally home all we can do is watch a little TV and try not to dose off.  We are Full!


So bright this morning I thought I had slept in, but still have 15 minutes before the alarm went off.  Waited on the alarm and then got up to get ready for church.

Today was children's day at church and the kids put on a really nice program with the help of their teachers.  They took the whole Sunday School hour and then did some special things for the worship service.

After church we stopped at ACE hardware and picked up some rabbit fence to try to keep the little critters out of the strawberry patch.  Its a hot one today so we may wait until after supper to work on it.

I got the smoker out and we smoked some chicken breasts and pork cutlets.  I think the girls are coming for supper.

Set up the smoker

Almost done
Well the chicken turned out good.  Alexus especially liked it and let me know.  Bonnie boiled potatoes and beans and we had them also, they were great.

It finally cooled off a little outside and the sun went down behind the hill so we headed out to put up a rabbit fence around the strawberry plants.  

Ty-Raping the fence to the posts
Bonnie added a little dirt and peat moss and then watered.  Then we headed in for the evening.  Its been a good week.  Bonnie has 2 weeks left to work.  Time to relax a little.

Thanks For Checking In.