Sunday, June 24, 2012

One Week - then Westward Ho!


Another warm night and the promise of a hot day.  It was ok to sleep with a window fan and the ceiling fan running.  I think today and tonight are supposed to be the last of the heat wave.

We have one week from today until we leave for our trip out to Yellowstone NP, so much to do.  Because of the forecast heat for today I headed out to hopeful fix the pots and pan drawer in the MH once and for all.  I took it up to the garage and got out my Shop Smith saw.

5 in 1 tool come in handy
I cut and ripped a couple pieces of wood to put in the bottom of the drawer.  I glued it and then used some longer screws to hold the drawer rails onto the side of the drawer.  The real wood will securely hold the screws.

New wood to hold the scows and rails

All straight and secure now
The drawer fit well so hopefully I won't have to write about it any more.

Then I set my eyes on the recliner, boy is it heavy.  We decided to take it out of the coach for the up coming trip as it will give us more space in the coach.  Between the seats up front, the couch, and the table chairs we should have plenty of places to eat.  I was not sure the back came off but 6 screws and bolts later I had it apart and I was able to move it myself.

Removed two small screws and lifted the flap to find 4 bolts to remove

Its apart, and outside the coach, used the Ranger to move it to the garage 
So its in the garage at least until we get home.  Wow is it hot and humid I was soaked so grabbed the mail and then headed into the house to get a drink and cool off.

Pretty much have just tried to relax and keep from sweating today.  Lots to do but cooler weather is on the way.

Good news is I finished the news letter and sent it to the webmaster to post on our Chapters website.  I also printed out a few copies for our members without email.  Here is a link

Vol 1 Issue 1 for me
Bonnie got home with another box of stuff she had at work.  One more day.  She made some ribs and salads for supper.  Finally we opened the windows and hopefully it will cool off over night.

Tomorrow is a big day for Bonnie her birthday and her last day of work.  Off to bed.


Well today is the big day.  Bonnie's birthday and last day of work, wow time flies.  The rain woke me this morning and I was up prepping for a busy day. Still on my second cup of coffee and the sun is out, supposed to be much cooler today.  I asked Bonnie last night if she wanted me to get up with her this morning but she said no she likes her quiet time.  I am about to head up to court for what I hope is a quick stop.  They are having a little luncheon for Bonnie at the jail and I was invited, I got a call yesterday.  I don't think she knows I am coming.  Then we are going out with the family for a fish fry and some of them will come back to the house.  I am also supposed to get my ears lowered today.

Spent an hour at court and headed for Warsaw.  Just before I left I received a NY-Alert that Route 20A was closed, turned out a car hit and broke a pole and the wires were on the road.  Turned out no one was hurt and the road was open again.  I stopped at the post office and put in the paperwork to hold our mail.
The luncheon for Bonnie was in the jail break room and it was nice to see everyone and I know she enjoyed it.

Here she comes with her flowers

Enjoying the hot dogs

Time to go back to work
Then I headed home hope to rest a bit before we go out with the family for dinner.

We had a nice family turnout for Bonnie's dinner, with lots of good conversation and a good time.  We even had Bonnie's cousins from Tennessee attend as they are home visiting.

Lots of family

Lots of Cupcakes

Lots of Presents
Some were able to come up to the house for a while and we had a nice visit and I was able to get a haircut.

Bonnie said she had a really nice day and that makes me happy.


I want to thank everyone on Bonnie's behalf for the Birthday and Retirement wishes, so begins our next phase of life.  Mine started up at court.  Got to bed at 1:30am.  Nice this morning cool but sunny.

Home again, Bonnie has gone for a haircut, she picked up Alexus to go with her.  Elizabeth picked up her veggies from the farmer and dropped off an apple at court for me.  I hope to clean out a compartment or two on the Coach this afternoon.  Time for lunch now.

After lunch I headed outside end emptied the basement compartments on the Coach and organized them.

Cleaned and organized now.
Bonnie and the girls got home around 6 and we did steaks on the grill and watched a little TV.  Tomorrow is another busy day.  We are headed to Elizabeth's church to say good by to some friends and then to a graduation party.  Thats it for today.


Beautiful morning we are to Crossroads Christian Church to say good bye to friends that are moving to Texas.

The church had a real nice time of recognition of Sandy and John.  It was one of those times that is both happy and sad at the same time.  They have been real good to Elizabeth, Alexus and us.  We will all miss them.

A nice gift to remember all their friends by.

A gift from SMILE which is the single moms group that Sandy mentored
Then we came home for less than an hour and headed to Gainesville for a graduation party.  Bonnie got to also say goodbye to some more of the people she worked with.

Bonnie and Sam

Uncle Dennis and Jacob.  The quilt was made by Rachelle the graduate

This pulling tractor belongs to Jeremy his son would love to fire it up and drive it.

Can you spot the bunny
It was a great week.  We will be busy but hope to post again Wednesday before we leave for 5 weeks headed west toward Yellowstone.

Thanks for Checking In!