Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Coach Repairs again


It rained in one fashion or another all day.  I stayed in and did the wash.  Also ordered some Permatex form a gasket that is supposed to work well with gear oil.  So that should be here Wednesday and Thursday the weather is to be good so I will try to pull the rear axle, clean the old sealer off and reseal it with this new stuff.  I had to run some stuff over to where I had the coach worked on last fall for Bonnie.  I talked to them about what I needed to do and think I know know what I have to do.  If not I can call on them for some help.  He did suggest I check the vent for the differential and make sure it was not plugged up, so that a pressure would build up.

Then it was up to court for the evening, only a couple cases on the calendar.  Mostly we did paperwork and I started to prepare for next week.  Then I went in to stay with Alexus as Bonnie and Elizabeth were at a dinner in at Salvatores.  They got home a little after 10 and I headed home.  Well thats a wrap for today its 11:30 and I want to read a little before bed.


Damp but no rain this morning just a little overnight.  Breakfast and coffee then off the bank and post office.  Then a few hours at court.  Home briefly before WW and dinner at Elizabeth's.  Pretty bland day.
Some days are just like that.


Damp and overcast again this morning but no rain.  Will see how it looks after my coffee and oatmeal.

Well happy days the sun has come out I am headed out to work on the coach.  I want to tilt the coach to make the axle oil drain away from the left rear wheel before I take it apart.

I decided to pop the cover on the wheel and take a look at the leak.

Ready to pop the hub cap.
Happy days once I got the cover off there was no leak and no oil on the wheel either.  What I thought I saw and smelled on Sunday must have been a little residue.  We should be good to go.

Then I got out the ladder to look above the drivers side window to see if I could spot a possible leak.  Our carpet is a bit wet beside the drivers seat.

Hauled down the ladder and supplies
Set the ladder up and this is what I found.

Separated RTV
 I found some suspect RTV sealant that had separated.  I tried to use a plastic scraper to dig it out.  That did not work to well.
Cleaners and scraper for the job
So I cleaned the area up as best I could and resealed it.  If that does not work I will try cutting it out with a razor knife.  Then I put the slides out to let the slide toppers dry out well and stretch out, since we had rolled them up in the rain.

I could hear the neighbors mowing so I headed in for lunch with plans to mow after lunch.

To wet to mow so I decided on a different project.  I buried the downspout drains once and then added more dirt a few years ago so I guess its about time I buried them.

Before just laying on the ground 
Dug the trench and tied it into the old drain.
I back filled the trench and planted grass.  I still have the back one to do, maybe tomorrow.

Spending the evening in with Bonnie watching a little TV.