Wednesday, June 13, 2012

41 years My how time flies


Got up this morning and headed into East Aurora to get blood drawn for lab work.  Dr appointment next week.  Guess I will not go on a Monday again.  The waiting room was full all 13 or 14 chairs were full.  Ended up they were short a person and behind by an hour.  I had an appointment so I guess it helped a little.  Then I headed to the bank.  The drive-up and ATM are closed, at least they met me in the parking lot and offered a bottle of cold water for the inconvenience.  Thank You Citizens Bank.

Finally home and able to eat breakfast at almost 11.  The box I thought was oatmeal turned out to be something else.  Oh well time to start the laundry.  I am staying inside today as the thermometer already says it is 90 out on the front porch.  Thats hot for here.

Stayed hot all day and evening.  I watched a movie and took it easy.  Then up to court tonight and did not get home until after 9.  It was raining and had cooled down to 70 so it should be good sleeping.  Not a bad day overall, think I will read a little before bed.  I have another day at court tomorrow.


Today is our 41st Wedding Anniversary, Happy Anniversary Honey.

Went to bed last night to the sound of rain and it must have rained all night as I woke up to the same sounds.  The rain gauge shows we had over an inch of rain.
The rain stopped briefly but as I leave for court it is raining again.  WW after court.  It rained most of the afternoon.  I lost again at WW, good news.

Elizabeth made us Gyros for supper and dessert was strawberry rhubarb pie.  We got another big downpour with thunder while we ate.  When we got home our rain gauge shows 2.4 inches for today and 4.57 inches for the month.  We are supposed to get a load of mulch in the morning, not sure if we will after all this rain.

We are watching a special on the National Geographic Channel call the Americas.  It has cooled off nicely, good sleeping weather.

Best part of the day, seeing a Doe with her two fawns in the front yard as we were leaving for WW.


I heard the clock chime 8 this morning so I jumped up and got dressed, the load of mulch was coming before 9 this morning.  Sure enough about 8:45am the truck backed in.

The mulch is here

Call if you need a load of mulch

 Pretty wet ground so he dropped it a little short of the old pile

All dumped and pulled out without getting stuck

This pile will keep Bonnie busy for a couple years
Yep I was glad the truck got in and out with out a problem we had almost 2 and 1/2 inches of rain yesterday.  This area has a lot of gravel and we had no trouble.  Looks like from the picture we need to get the shed painted.  I need to replace the left side panel first.

I caught up on my email and blogs.  Then had a little lunch.  I have been waiting for wood that a new mating was arriving at the logging company.

So I went out and installed the footman loops and strap on the new TV in the Coach.

Nice and Secure for travel

Got the footman loops and strap from
Well I am off to the bank and PO. as I just got the message that the new machine has arrived.  I went to the bank first and then to Dollar General.  After a quick stop at the office to make a couple changes to some computer settings I headed for the shop.

Got there just as it was unhooked from the truck it is delivered.

This is the front end of over 50 tons of American Built machinery.  It will debark and chip whole trees

They say 3 days to put it all together and check it out.

Lots of hydraulic hoses to gook up.
Well hopefully in the future I can get some pictures and videos of it in action.

Bonnie fixed supper after she got home from shopping.  Now we will relax and watch a little TV.  Tomorrow night we can put the food in the Coach.

I am going to post this early, for my sister.  She is headed back to work tomorrow after being off on sick leave for quite a few weeks for knee surgery.  She is off to bed at 9pm and up early tomorrow morning.

Thanks for Checking in and keep my sister Sharon in your Prayers as she goes back to work.