Wednesday, June 27, 2012

3 and a Wake up


Nice cool sunny morning.  Bonnie is back from her regular Dr. appointment and we are headed out to organize and clean the inside of the Coach.  She was here before I finished my first cup of coffee and was very patient until after I had my banana and second cup of coffee.  It will take her a while to get into the retirement mode.  I finished the wash, ordered some wheel sensors for our CRV so we can tell if there is a flat tire on it while we are towing it.  A fellow blogger just had a flat on there towed car and were able to stop without damage as the tire pressure monitor let them know right away.  We have the sensors on the Coach and these will tie into it.  I also made our reservations for Elkhart Campground.  We will spend the first three nights there.  A couple of fellow bloggers are also staying there so we should get to meet them.  Bonnie spent the whole morning cleaning the inside of the Coach.

Organizing the closet

Two cabinets cleaned out for our guests
I also worked on the RV GPS to update it and get the latest road construction files.

Time to head to court and Bonnie is going to go over and see her sister.

Both home now and after a little TV time for bed.


Two more days and then we hit the road.  We have lots to do but should have no problem getting it done.  I am off to court this morning, the bank and the post office.  Also need to pick up some fuel for the mower and a can of diesel just to ensure we make it to Ohio where it is much cheaper than here.   Wow diesel was 3.99 first time it has been under 4 bucks in a long time.  Then home to pick up Bonnie and we will go down and vote in the congressional primary.

Got all that stuff done.  Bonnie cleaned the refrigerator in the Coach and did some more wash.  Once we voted I jumped on the mower and cut the grass out back and out by the highway.

Off to WW and then to pick up a TV and stand for Elizabeth.  Hope to have supper in there somewhere.

Well the TV center turned out to be 3 units and made out of solid wood, can you say HEAVY!

We got to say good bye to Sandy again

The units filled the back of the Truck.
 Once we got to Elizabeths house we got the two smaller units into the house and the big heavy unit onto the ground.  Paul the neighbor came home about that time and being a Chiropractor told us to stop and he would help.  He had furniture straps and he and I were able to move the big unit into the house with out getting hurt.  Thanks Paul!

Then we got busy reinstalling the TV, it comes up out of the cabinet to watch it.  We had a little trouble but once we ran it through a complete cycle it worked great.  Then I had to program the remotes and finally was allowed to head home.
Elizabeth in the back taking off a cover so we could get at the wires.

Its a real nice unit and looks good all set up.
It was almost 11 when we got home and Bonnie went straight to bed.  I am heading that way as soon as the news is over.  I wanted to see who one the primary elections today.

One more day and then we head out.


One and a wake up.  Tomorrow is the day.  Up and at it this morning.

Bonnie was up before me and has already left to run errands and shop in Warsaw.  I have to pack my clothes, cut the grass, and check last minute items on the Coach.  I ordered stacking cookware last week and it was sitting on the steps when we got home last night so we need to swap out some pans in the MH.

Nice heavy gauge Magna cookware and it stacks

Nice and compact
I also see that the Tire Pressure Monitors for the Honda are on the UPS truck and so once they get here I will be installing them into the system also.  We are also doing last minute laundry and clean up.

We loaded our clothes and food into the Coach, actually Bonnie did most of the loading and it has been nice.  Tony stopped over and checked out where to mow etc.  Then we had a little lunch and put clean sheets on the bed.  Then I jumped on the mower and finished the grass.

This does a good job and does it quickly
When I finished and put the mower away I felt like I missed doing something I should have.  Sure enough Matt came over and while we were talking about putting a vegetable stand out by the road I noticed I missed a large patch of grass.  So when he left I got the mower out and finished it.

After 6pm now and I am still waiting on the Big Brown truck.  Must be a busy day sometimes he comes pretty late.  Hopefully it will not take me too long to program the sensors once they get here.

6:30 here comes UPS so I have the sensors now to program them and get them set up on the Honda.  Here is what they look like, they forgot to put the spare parts in.

The four wheel sensors
It took about a half hour to program them and put them on the wheels and then I checked them out.  Seem to be working well.  Drove to car down the road to make sure the tires were still in balance.

These are installed with a little tool so you can not just screw them off.
Well I think we are all set.  Bonnie has gone to bed and the plan is for her to leave here at 8am to pick up her parents and then we will meet up about 10 miles from here in a school parking lot to hook up the car and start the trip with all four of us.

I will try to keep up the posting on Wednesdays and Sundays as long as I have internet.  I will try to do short daily updates on Facebook.

Keep us in your prayers and Thanks For Checking In.