Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Final Week has started


Was surprised to see that we had a 1/4in of rain overnight.  I guess I slept good as I did not hear it.  I got started on the wash and had breakfast.  Also caught up on the emails and blogs.  I finished that up and went out and jumped on the lawn tractor while the 4th load was in the dryer.

I had an hour and got the front lawn cut and some of the back, also listened to yesterdays sermon from church as I cut.  While I cut the grass I had a bunny, deer and baby woodchuck all keeping an eye on me. Came in had lunch and will take it easy before I head up to court.

This is Bonnie's Final week at work as a nurse before she retires.  She has basically started over each time I was transferred both while I was in the Navy 5 moves and the FBI 5 moves.  She will be collecting 3 small annuities and social security.  Every little bit helps.  I want to say Thank You Bonnie for being willing to move for my career and start over each time at a new job.

Not much else to report, was up at court for a few hours and now home catching up on TV and then will read a little.  Its nice out now but is to be a hot one tomorrow.


Big thunder storm during the night but not all that much rain.  It cooled off enough to sleep well.  I was up early and it was a good thing I turned on the computer.  I had forgotten that I had a regular Dr appointment at 9:45.  So I had plenty of time for breakfast and then headed into East Aurora.  My lab results were all good and I got the green light for another 4 months.  I did a little shopping and then headed to the bank and post office.  Then up to court for a couple hours.

Got home after 1pm and had a quick lunch.  Then went out and finished cutting the grass.  That gave me an hour to rest and maybe catch a nap.  On the way into the house I spotted this little guy.

Poor Baby
I thought he was not looking well so left him alone.  He was still there when Bonnie got home and she put him back up in the floor bed, I wonder if he fell out earlier.  She said he took right off.

We ran in to WW neither of us did well, then off to Elizabeths for salads.  We left for home around 8 and it was starting to cool down a little.  It is to be 90 tomorrow, hot for here.


Was up early again today, lots to do again, I need a break.

I headed to Warsaw to pick up my RXs from Walmart, this is the first time I have used the store I usually do the mail order.  All went well and all at a great price.  Walmart will fill a 90day supply of a lot of the more common drugs for 10-12 dollars.  Once I picked up the RXs I got a key made for the house and then headed over to the County Building.  I needed to drop the keys off for Tony a friend who is going to cut our grass while we are gone.  I hope it only needs done once.  We got to visiting and then I had to hurry to get to Batavia.

I was getting help on our club Newsletter from the previous editor.  They were ready for me and we tried to get right to work but we had to catch up on all the latest news first.  We are all in the same camping club so we enjoy visiting.  They were good teachers and I think I have the letter pretty much put together and hope to get it sent out by the weekend.  We worked right up till their coffee time and so enjoyed a good cup of coffee together.  I enjoyed learning about MS Publisher and hope I can keep up the good job they have done for many years.

Thanks Bob and Caroline for all you do for Chapter 12
I still had a lot to do in Batavia, so said my Thanks and Good-byes.  I headed to Home Depot to look for replacement drawer slides for the MH to fix it properly, since my emergency repair the other night.

Under the counter

Need to replace of reenforce this slide
I did not find what I wanted at HD so bought some stuff to beef up the drawer.  Then I headed over to TOPS for gas, we had $.50 a gallon off.  I filled up and then headed to BJ's.  I picked up our allergy medicine and Splenda.  Finally its time to head home.

Got home after 6pm and Bonnie had supper ready.  So now I hope to relax a little after I post this.  Hoping it will cool off so we can sleep well tonight.

Thanks For Checking In.