Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Radiator is fixed, The Coach is Home and Mouse #13 Caught


It was overcast all day but I finally went out to spread some stone at the end of the parking pad.  Shortly after I got out there it started to rain.  It never did rain much just enough to get everything wet.  So I went out and got the mail and headed back into the house since it was lunch time.  We had stew that Elizbeth had dropped off, it was very good.  Bonnie worked on her trip scrap book and pretty much finished the pages.  It needs a cover and put together.  I got a shower and will leave for court soon.

I made 4 calls for bids on the blacktop and so far only one has called back.  So hope to here from them soon and keep that ball rolling.  Well still only one call back.

I headed up to court and did not get home until after 10pm, busy night.  Two deer were laying down in the front yard when I pulled in.  I sure will be glad when we can pull up to and into the garage again.   We are parking in and on the side of the driveway now.  I also had an email when I got home that the coach was done and they wanted to run it again in the morning to make sure all the air was out of the cooling system.  Then once the warranty people pay we can pick it up.

Time to read a little then bed I have an early morning tomorrow.


Up early for a dentist appointment then I will head to court.  I was 2 minutes from the dentists office when my phone rang.  They were calling to say they had to reschedule my appointment.  I was close so went into the office and rescheduled my appointment.  Since I was in Attica I ran over to John Deere and ordered a filter for my leaf blower.  Its a Stihl and it is hard to find parts for it except at dealers.  Then I stopped at ACE hardware to pick up some items only to learn that the sale does not start until Friday.

Finally at court and I spent 3 hours there catching up from last night.  I got home just as Bonnie was leaving.  She had time to tell me that a second person came to measure the driveway so we should get a  quote soon from them.  Got a call and the third paving company came and worked up a quote and gave it to us.  We headed into WW and I was surprised to see that I was the same.  Then over to Elizabeth's for dinner.

Finally home and time for bed.


Busy day today but I accomplished a lot.

After my oatmeal I headed to Attica to help at the logging company with some computer issues.  They provided a wonder lunch.  I made a deposit for court while I was over that way.  I called Bonnie she was just finishing up a batch of Peach Jam.  She would be ready to take me into Fleet Maintenance to pick up the coach.

So as soon as a got home around 1:30pm we took off to get the coach.  All went smoothly and all I owed was the deductible and the extended warranty paid the rest.  After my month in Knoxville last year this repair was a breeze.  Dealing with extended warranty companies is an Art form and these guys know what they are doing.  The drive home was good and the coach is now parked in the driveway next to its new concrete pad that will soon be cured and ready to park on.

Good to have it home
 As soon as I got home, I jumped in the truck and headed to Warsaw.  I needed to sign some paper work so a friend could register the ATV that a sold him a few years ago.  We thought we were going to get there just as they closed but it all worked out and he was able to register the ATV.

Once home I could not get the key pad on the garage to open so I checked it out and found the battery needed replaced.  Its been in there a long time.  But then it still did not work, I had to reprogram the keypad to the opener.

Garage Keypad
Just as I finished up UPS came and brought Bonnie's new camera.  Its a Canon SX40 HS with 35X zoom so with the iPhone cameras and this we should be all set for the Disney and the Cape Cod trip.

New Camera

Thats about it for tonight, I am still getting quotes on the driveway and one company is coming at 8 in the morning.

Thanks for Checking In.