Sunday, February 10, 2013

BIG Storm Coming and I am all Alone


Today was a pretty nice day.  Bonnie washed all the bedding and did her final packing.  I worked on the taxes.  Since she is leaving for 6 weeks we each dealt with that in our own way.  Our DIL and the grand kids called from Alabama to say good by also.

We headed in around 6, dropped off some stuff to the girls so they could say good by.  Then into Dr. Zittles to pick up an otoscope so Bonnie can look in ears and noses.  Then finally to drop her off.  The other 3 were already there and doing some last minute packing.

Last bag to get packed
I said my good-byes and then headed for church for our small group study.

They will drive to JFK airport in a rented van and hopefully fly out before the Big Storm hits tomorrow.  Thanks to all who are praying for a safe trip and the opportunities to place all the water filters they are taking with them.

Friday Day 1

First day at home without Bonnie.  It looks like there plane was just a little late and as I write this they still have about 5 hours in the air until there first stop in Dubai.  Then a couple hour lay over and then onto another plane for another 5 hours landing then in Kenya.  We had rain and it was just above freezing then the snow started and it snowed hard most of the afternoon.  I did go out to clean off the back deck once and walked out to get the mail.  The heavy snow was north of us and they got hit pretty hard.  The temperature has really dropped now and the wind is picking up so I thought it was a good day to stay home.  Elizabeth called earlier and she was headed home from work early and made it without any problems.

We are still dealing with Independent Health over Bonnie's visit to a Walk In Clinic in November.  I wrote up a letter and faxed it to the Dr. so I am hoping he will re issue the bill with the proper urgent care code.  I also got some mail ready to send and spent a lot of time tracking Bonnie's fight.  I still need to go over the taxes one more time and then wait another week to make sure I do not get any more statements in the mail.

I did make a good supper.  Chicken Sausage with red peppers and garlic, bread, Green Beans, and a baked potato all washed down by a glass of low fat Chocolate Milk.

Saturday Day 2

Had an email from Emirates Air this morning that the plane got in on time, so Bonnie should be safely in Nairobi, Kenya.  I hope to hear from the team later today, I am sure they are tired from over a day of traveling.

Our part of the Big Storm dropped about 6 inches here at the house, I just got in clearing it all from the driveway and pavers.  A very light snow is still falling but I must admit it is beautiful out.  Well time to head up to court for a while.

So the snow stopped I was back home after a couple hours and cleared off the back deck before settling down for the rest of the afternoon.  Not much going on here.  Still waiting to see an update from Bonnie.  Really cold here tonight down to 10 already.

Watched TV and had a couple phone calls this evening now headed off to bed early for me.

Sunday Day 3

What a beautiful morning bright sunshine and 14 but it is to get up to 40 later.  I headed to pick up the girls and then on to church.  Right after church we got word that the team Bonnie is with had left a voicemail with family that they and all their bags and supplies also.

I went to Elizabeths for lunch and started a fire for her.

The start of a nice warm fire.
Pooh Bear the cat crawled up on me and we napped through most of the movie Thor.  After that I headed home.  Its still beautiful out and it did hit 40.

Elizabeth called a while later and had heard from Jim the son of the other woman on the mission trip.  They reported that they had repacked all the bags and gotten ready for the week.  Today they were attending the Bishops church and each of them spoke.  The Bishop will help them the rest of the time they are in Kenya.  They also have picked up a cell phone so Jim should get regular reports.  So far they have not been able to connect to the internet.

Well thats about it for this week.  More interesting weather on the way, NWS just posted warnings for high winds and freezing rain in the morning.

Thanks for Checking In.