Sunday, February 3, 2013

Get Ready for a Big Change


Someone asked about my sore toe from the slip in the shower, well all is well I kind of forgot about the whole incident.

Well the big change showed up just before I got to sleep and I ended up still awake at 1:30am.  The wind was howling making the house creak.  I did get to sleep and woke up early but did turn over and then slept till 9am.  We got a dusting of snow and the wind continued to blow until mid afternoon.  Yesterdays high of 65 is now a high of 23, quite a change.  I only went out to get the mail, and run down the hill to get a can of diesel for the tractor.  Bonnie and I watched a few more episodes of Downton Abby.

Time for us to pick up the girls and head to our small group study and Alexus is going to her youth group.  Its snowing a little and the wind is blowing again.  The roads were bad on the way in and with the blowing snow it was tough to see until we got close into Elma.  Then the snow stopped and visibility cleared up.  The trip home was uneventful and we are home safe and sound.


Another big change from yesterday.  Woke up to several inches of snow, no wind, and a gentle snow falling.  Hopefully today will be a nice calm day.  It has snowed off and on all morning but not much has accumulated here.

I went out after lunch and cleaned the driveway and gathered the paper and the mail.  Now I believe I need a bit of a nap not sure why shoveling and blowing snow tires me out so much.

No nap but Elizabeth called and was coming to get wood and wanted some help.  I figured she would not get here until after dark.  So Bonnie and I took the Ranger down to the wood pile and loaded up a trunk-full for her and dumped it on the Coach parking pad so she could easily load it in her car.

The girls stayed for supper and watched a couple episodes of Downton Abby with us.  We are just about caught up now.  We had to watch the last two episodes using the PBS web site and then stream it to the TV using the Apple TV.  Bonnie is really into it now also as we have stayed up to midnight two nights in a row watching it.  I have also discovered that PBS Masterpiece Classics has many of these classic stories so we are looking forward to watching more of them in the future.  Well off to bed now.


It was nice and bright out when I woke up this morning a few more inches of snow and clear skies.  Only about 10° out but thats ok.  After breakfast I will move some snow and then head up to court to prepare for Monday night.  Later today we have a dinner meeting with our RV camping friends up in LeRoy and the weather looks like it will cooperate.

Light snow all day but not much accumulation.  Finished at court all ready for Monday.

We headed for our dinner get together right at 4pm.  It started to snow pretty hard but as we headed north we drove out of the snow.  We arrived at Stafford a little early but the Rindo's and Parkhill's were already there and waiting for us.

Bonnie at the door
After we greeted them we were told of the sad news that one of our Chapter members had passed away today, John Gaydica.  John and Wendy were at almost all the campouts and are always busy helping where ever needed.  I always look forward to seeing and talking to John, he went out of his way to help me and I will miss him immensely.  Keep Wendy in your prayers during this tough time.

Norm and Pat and Bob and Carol soon arrived and out group was complete.  While the sad news changed the mood for the night we made the best of it and I think we all enjoyed the evening.  Our waitress Amber was fantastic, so positive, helpful and cheerful she kept us from being down.

Scott being served his Lobster Bisque

Bob was served next

My Steak and Lobster Pot, with mashed potatoes
The food was good not great but the company and atmosphere were top shelf.  We had eaten early to beat the crowds as this is a very popular spot.  That allowed us to be home shortly after 8, thankfully the snow had stopped.  We streamed the latest episode of Downton Abby so we are all caught up.  The nest one will be on TV tomorrow night.  Thats right it is also Superbowl night, we will watch for the commercials.

Thats about it for tonight.


The water system Chem-Free recycled last night and we lost our water pressure at the beginning of the cycle again.  I had to go down at midnight and restart the pump again.  Maybe it is in the valve assembly on the top of the tank.  Guess I will have to research that now.  No new snow overnight so after church I will hopefully get the driveway cleaned out.

We picked up the girls on the way to church and then dropped them off on the way home.  I changed right away and went out to clear the driveway, around the pavers, and finally the rear deck.  It took a while but now its done.

Bonnie made a delicious salad for lunch and then I got a couple cat-naps while we watched the recorded shows.  We are headed into Elizabeth's to watch the SuperBowl.  Not much else to say so I will post this and enjoy the game.

Thanks for Checking In.