Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Days are Getting Longer

Monday Day 11

As we move towards Spring each day gets a little longer.  I did manage to stay up and watch The Amazing Race and Downton Abbey last night.  A couple from Buffalo is on the race and its the end of Season 3 for the Abbey.

The sun woke me up this morning before 7:30 but boy is it cold down to 7 over night and 12 now.

This update from Africa.

Crossing the Equator again

Masai Farmers along the road
Caught up on blogs this morning.  Then went out and shoveled snow for some fresh air and exercise.  Then lunch and a movie "The Magic of Belle Isle", I enjoyed it.  Its Presidents Day and I called and invited the girls to come over for pizza and a movie later.  And hey the sun melted the snow off the driveway.

So the girls brought a cheeseburger pizza (yes it tastes like a burger) and chicken wings for supper.  Then we watched a movie "The Addams Family" it was an ok movie.  They headed home then and I watched a little TV.  I think I am headed to bed.

Tuesday Day 12

No sun this morning, rain instead.  I had my breakfast and then headed up to the town building for about 5 hours of work today.  Then headed into WW in East Aurora.  I stopped at CVS, they have been calling and saying I had pictures there, no pictures.  Then on to WW and from there to TOPS to pick up milk, oatmeal, and bananas.

Alexus made coconut chicken for supper with green beans and a mango sauce.  It was good.  We also had some pull aparts that Elizabeth had made.  I headed home and the weather was really getting bad, snow and wind.

Time for a little TV and then a good nights sleep.  No pictures from Kenya today.

Wednesday Day 13

It was windy all night, as a matter of fact the wind woke me up several times during the night which is unusual.  About 8 new inches of snow.  Even the railing on the front porch which is under roof has several inches of snow piled up.  Temperature is down in the teens.

Good news several pictures from Kenya today.

Bonnie prepares to stitch up a patient

The Patient

Bonnie found a baby to love, Gary the beekeeper, and Palmer the trip leader

Gifts of a necklace and earrings.  The water filter set up in the background 

Sharon shows her gifts

I decided to do the laundry today.  Three loads, towels, whites, and colors.  Watching TV while I do that.  Then I will head out to clean the driveway as I am heading out to dinner tonight.

Got the driveway done it took awhile as there was a good 8 inches plus some bigger drifts and a coating of ice once I got down to the pavement.  I had about an hour after I finished the driveway.  Then I headed to Batavia for dinner with a couple friends.  One of them has just bought a new motorhome and so we talked about that.  The roads were dry up in Batavia.  However the wind must have shifted while we were there and the blowing snow was starting to drift across the otherwise dry roads.

I balance the checkbook once I got home and am settling down now to watch Survivor.  So thats about it.

Thanks for Checking In.